5 Things Brands Should Consider When it Comes to Their Trademark Strategy

Having a clear-cut understanding of branding and developing a trademark strategy accordingly is the key to the success of every business. Brand registration in Dubai, UAE plays an integral part in the growth and expansion of businesses in this region. Branding and the trademark protection that comes along with it helps the companies distinguish itself from others and in many cases, branding is the trump card that lures the consumers into buying the products. Even though many businesses are aware of the significance of branding, most of them fail to develop a trademark strategy that perfectly aligns with their branding ploy.

Here, we let you have a glimpse of the 5 key guiding principles that will help you in establishing a strong trademark strategy that may enhance your brand. Also, hire the best trademark agents in Dubai who will assist you in implementing these strategies into actions.

1. Prioritize Valuable Trademarks

Businesses generally register multiple trademarks in the UAE covering all the products and services they offer. You may run your business under one name, logo and sell different products that have its unique names. As part of your brand strategy, you will make a series of ad campaigns that feature brand-specific slogans as well. This gives you a host of assets that demands protection via trademark registration in the UAE.

For a robust strategy for UAE brand registration, you must prioritise the assets in terms of their value. Sometimes, the business name and flagship brand will be more important to your company rather than slogans. Analyse what trademarks are of immediate importance to you and register them with the assistance of the best trademark agents in Dubai. You must also remember that that trademark registration in the UAE can be conducted before or after the launch of the products.

2. Foresee Future Business Goals

You should develop your UAE brand registration strategy based on the fact that the brand may grow and expand after some time. While filing for trademark registration in the UAE, you should also foresee the types of products or services that you may offer in the future as well. This rule especially holds as far as brand strategy of businesses in the fashion industry is concerned. Many of the fashion companies expand their offerings into various other categories.

For example, a company known for its luxury clothing line may start offering home décor products or may even launch a line of cosmetics. This means focusing solely on your current product or service offerings might not suffice for an effective strategy of brand registration in Dubai, UAE. After all, Dubai is a highly competitive turf where both global and local brands lock horns.

3. Identify Key Markets

Your Dubai brand registration will ensure protection for your IP assets only within the UAE. This is because trademark rights are mostly country-specific. Trademark registration in the UAE doesn’t grant you the protection for your brand in another country. While developing a brand strategy, you should not limit your horizon to the country in which your products/services are being offered currently. You must take into account the other jurisdiction where you may potentially expand in future. Advice from trademark agents in Dubai would come handy for you in successfully registering your brand.

4. Early Trademark Searching

Make trademark clearance searches a key part of your overall UAE brand registration strategy right from the get-go. Starting the process of brand registration in Dubai with efficient trademark search will ensure that your proposed trademark is available for registration. Ensure that you start the trademark search process even before putting money into product launches and ad campaigns. What you must do finding highly qualified trademark agents in Dubai who will search the trademark register for conflicting trademarks.

Trademark search is highly advisable to the brand owners as it helps you understand the existence of previously registered trademarks that are identical to your suggested trademarks. Failing to search may increase the chances of opposition and may lead to unforeseen events including a cease & desist letter and complicated legal proceedings in a court.

5. Protection for Infringement

Trademark registration in the UAE gives you exclusive rights to your brand name logo, slogans etc. However, a UAE-registered trademark is still vulnerable to infringement from other third parties. If other parties register conflicting trademarks you need to take immediate action or your brand will suffer huge losses. However, it is impractical for business owners to keep a watch on the market for monitoring the registration of conflicting trademarks. Trademark watching is a key service offered by the best trademark agents in Dubai who will send you timely alerts on possible infringement of your trademark rights.

The Best Brand Registration Services in Dubai

Brand registration in Dubai, UAE is a vital process every business should undertake to enhance their business prospects. To successfully register a brand in Dubai the companies must develop a robust trademark strategy that perfectly blends with the brand strategy. Prioritisation of valuable trademarks, identification of key markets, early trademark search, trademark monitoring, and focusing on future business goals are essential for developing an effective trademark strategy. Trademark agents in Dubai are the perfect ally that the businesses can have to execute a perfectly planned trademark strategy.

Brand owners searching for the best trademark agents in Dubai should look no further than Jitendra Intellectual Property (JIP). JIP is one of the best IP service providers in the region offering exemplary trademark registration services in Dubai, UAE for years. JIP has a team of trademark agents who are highly qualified professionals and provides reliable brand registration services in Dubai along with other services such as trademark search, trademark watch etc.

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