Cosmetic Product Registration in Dubai: Ensuring Consumer Safety

Dubai has long been a key market for cosmetic brands due to the rich multicultural community from across the world including the Middle East and the presence of beauty-conscious consumers. The profitability of a cosmetics business is set to grow further but to tap the benefits of this segment, brands need to comply with the safety standards implemented by Dubai Municipality. For many years, the government has been ensuring the safety of consumers by making product registration in Dubai a mandatory requirement for importers, manufacturers and distributors. The process of cosmetic product registration with Dubai Municipality’s Montaji is designed in such a way that it is being considered as a benchmark for ensuring consumer safety in the region. Read on to know how registering cosmetic products in Dubai ensures the safety of consumers:

Regulation of the Cosmetic Products

The competition among the cosmetics brands is considered to be huge in Dubai but the government insists that the race to make a profit should not be at the expense of the consumers. The core idea behind cosmetics registration in Dubai is that the cosmetic products that reach the market should not cause any damage to human health when applied under normal conditions. Dubai Municipality’s Consumer Products Safety Section (CPSS) is in charge of ensuring all the cosmetic brands are adhering to the safety standards.

To streamline the entire process, Dubai Municipality has developed the Montaji system through which the importers, local manufacturers and distributors can register their cosmetics products in Dubai. The safety is ensured by taking into account the product’s presentation, labelling, and instructions for its use & disposal etc. These details provide consumers with ample information about the ingredients of cosmetic products.

Mandatory Standards to Ensure Customer Safety

Dubai Municipality ensures the safety of the consumers through certain mandatory standards that the cosmetics companies need to undertake at the time of product registration in Dubai. Complying with these regulations become easier if the registration is conducted through experienced product registration consultants in Dubai, UAE. Some of the safety requirements are:

Labelling of information

As per the mandatory standards for product registration in Dubai Montaji system, the product ingredients should be listed on the container or it should be in the product itself if it is not packed in a container. The information about the ingredients should be available at the point of entry of the products. If the product’s size, shape or nature makes it hard to provide the labelling through any of these methods, the details should be displayed in such a way that the consumers get the information. This could be in the form of swing tags, leaflets or brochures. Some of the key information to be displayed is product name, the brand name of the cosmetic product, manufacture details, country of origin, size/ weight of the product, manufacturing date & expiry date etc.

Laboratory Test Report

The brands need to provide a lab test report if requested by the Dubai Municipality Montaji Authority. The lab test report indicates if the product contains certain elements such as Mercury, Zinc, Arsenic, Lead, Chromium, Cadmium, and preservatives. For certain products, the Authority may also ask for a microbiology test from an accredited laboratory either in the Country of Origin or from Dubai Central Laboratory. The cosmetics companies may consult with the best product registration consultants in Dubai to confirm if their product requires a laboratory test or not.

Consequences of Failing to Comply with Safety Standards

Dubai Municipality mandates that the cosmetics companies need to comply with all the requirements of product registration in Dubai. Failing to keep up with standards would lead to consequences such as product recall and penalties. The Authority can promptly retrieve the Batch/ Barcode of products that fail to comply with the standards of Dubai product registration. The Municipality may also recall the products that are deemed to have an undesirable impact on humans.

The Municipality makes a decision to recall the product when there is a risk to the consumers who use cosmetics. Product recall will be initiated at the request of the Dubai Municipality or any other relevant authority that has the power to do so. Brands should avoid such consequences which may put a dent on their image as well as business growth. A better way to avoid such undesirable events is to register the cosmetics with the help of product registration consultants in Dubai.

Best Product Registration Service in Dubai

The import, distribution and manufacturing of cosmetics products are highly regulated through the process of product registration with the Dubai Municipality. The Municipality regulates the cosmetics products to ensure that the consumers who use the products are safe from any side effects. The Municipality ensures the safety of the consumers through mandatory safety standards such as Label Assessments and laboratory tests.

Completing the process without any delays may be challenging for the businesses and this calls for the need of hiring experienced product registration consultants in Dubai. Jitendra Intellectual Property (JIP) is a renowned IP firm that also provides cosmetics product registration services in Dubai. JIP’s product registration consultants have assisted hundreds of companies from a wide range of industries to register consumer products with the Dubai Municipality. Apart from cosmetics products, JIP has helped businesses in registering food products, disinfectants, dietary supplements, hand sanitizers, and pharmaceutical products.

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