A guide to Sound Trademarks in UAE

The term trademark normally evokes the concept of visual marks or word marks in the minds of average consumers. However, the recent advancements in technology have broadened the definition of trademarks across the world including in GCC countries such as Saudi Arabia.

A sound trademark is one of the fundamental elements that businesses depend on to distinguish their goods and services and that make them recognizable to a community or a specific demographic. A Jingle or musical composition, or sound used in advertisements can play a vital role in brand building and provide value to the business. The process of registering a sound trademark may be challenging for brand owners, but trademark agents in Dubai can simplify the process. Read ahead to know further about sound trademarks:

Benefits of Registering Sound Marks for Companies 

Trademarking a sound is a powerful way of branding your products or services. A sound trademark can create more powerful reactions on consumers than a wordmark or visual mark. Over the years, sound trademarks are likely to be more pervasive with the advancement of technology. Brands can use sound marks as a potent marketing and engagement option. In line with these, registering a sound mark can benefit businesses in the following ways:

Great impact on the community 

Sound marks are distinctive and can greater a huge impact on the auditory senses of the listeners, similar to the visual brand marks aid to identify your products, sound marks cab create the same effect on the customers.

Creates an emotional association 

A particular song or a tune can trigger your emotional senses, as per the experts, a particular song or tune can trigger the emotional sentiments into a brand.

Sound marks are designed to be memorable 

Some sound marks can create a nostalgic emotion and it tends to stay in the memory of the individual for a long time. A particular sound can possess the power to stay in one’s memory for a long time and consumers can connect the brand with the tune or sound for a long time.

Examining challenges of Sound Trademark 

The below can be some of the criteria’s for distinguishing the sound Marks

The trademark should not be prohibited

Certain sounds are prohibited from being used, because they may include sounds that are identical or similar to the national anthem eg, against any religious views.

Statement of use 

Sound trademarks can be distinctive through extensive use. Applicants who want to register a sound mark can submit evidence of use to establish acquired distinctiveness.


if the sound mark being examined is similar to other sound samples or any other mark this can create more confusion in the eyes of the consumer, such marks can be rejected by the Trademark office to avoid any further confusion.

Notable examples for Sound Marks 

As per the current regulations mentioned in the US Patent and Trademark law, some of the notable sound marks example that has been registered is as follows:

Nokia Ringtone 

The Nokia ring tone was registered successfully as a sound mark. The ringtone was registered due to its iconic tune in a distinctive manner by indicating the musical score, level of pitch, and tune.

McDonald’s: This was termed as the first jingle in the food and beverage sector. The fact of the only registered jingle ‘I’m Lovin’ It’ as a sound mark has created an enormous impact in the minds of a customer

Intel Sound Mark 

The five-toned jingle was initially registered in the US, Australia, and New Zealand using detailed score sheets to secure protection for its distinctive compositions.

Saudi Telecom Sound Mark

Saudi Intellectual property Office has granted the first commercial sound trademark certificate to Saudi Telecom Company. As per the GCC law effective in Saudi, a trademark can be in any form, which can consist of sign expression or design that distinguishes the products or services from a particular source from those of others.

Brand owners are required to submit a graphical representation of the sound mark such as musical notes and a sample of the sound mark in an MP3 format to register a sound trademark in Saudi Arabia. Those who would like to register a sound mark can consult with trademark agents in Saudi Arabia.

How can Jitendra Intellectual Property Help You? 

As per the above changes in UAE laws, registration of a sound trademark in the UAE can be valid only if the distinctive requirements are satisfied. However, to date, no sound trademarks have been filed in UAE due to a lack of guidelines and regulations. The new change in law has yet to present a detailed analysis and has yet to publish an official report on the new regulations.

If you wish to register your Trademark in UAE, seek the assistance of trademark agents such as Jitendra Intellectual Property (JIP). We have a team of highly qualified trademark agents in Dubai who helped numerous brands register their trademarks. Our experts can assure you to protect your brand in the UAE and other GCC countries. If you are looking for Trademark Registration services in UAE or have any queries regarding the registrations, feel free to contact us.

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