Conditions and Requirements to Certify Metrology Systems Devices with ESMA

Metrology systems devices, including industrial measurement systems, are highly regulated in the UAE as the products impact a variety of sectors. Suppliers of such products must perform product certification in the UAE before distributing to the local market. Emirates Authority for Standardisation and Metrology (ESMA) is the competent Authority that issues conformity certificates for all the regulated measuring systems and devices in the UAE.

A conformity certificate issued by ESMA is proof that the product has been cleared for sale by the UAE government. Products without a certificate of conformity will be rejected during shipment or withdrawn from the local market. Product certification agents in Dubai can help you avoid such violations and enable you to legally sell metrology devices. Read ahead to know how to obtain a conformity certificate for metrology systems in the UAE:

Scope of Regulated Metrology Systems 

As a supplier of metrology systems, you need to know about the products that are being regulated by the ESMA. Also, the requirements of product certification in the UAE may vary depending on the scope of products. You can clear the air on the requirements by consulting with product certification agents in Dubai. Stated below are the metrology Systems regulated by the ESMA:

  • Industrial Measurements system (IMS)
  • Conformity of Measuring medical instruments such as Blood Pressure Monitors, Thermometers, Glucometers & Syringes
  • Weighing instruments such as Non- automatic & automatic weighing instruments
  • Material Measuring Instruments
  • Dimensional Measuring instruments
  • Exhaust gas analysers
  • Tire Pressure Gauges
  • Meters such as Taximeters, fuel meters, speed measurements equipment etc.

Mandatory Schemes for Metrology System Certification 

Importers, manufacturers and sellers of metrology systems should ensure that their products conform to the mandatory schemes set out by the ESMA. Product certification consultants in Dubai can guide you on how to comply with the relevant technical regulations. Suppliers of metrology systems are required to comply with the following product certification schemes in the UAE:

  • UAE Technical regulation for the Legal metrology activities no. 75 of the year 2016.
  • UAE Scheme No. 9 Of the Year 2017 about the regulations of Industrial Measurements system.
  • UAE Scheme No. 1 Of the Year 2012 about the regulations of Mandatory Requirements For Weighing Instruments
  • UAE Scheme No. 2 Of the Year 2012 about the regulations of Mandatory Requirements for Medical and Lab Measuring Instruments
  • UAE Scheme No. 2 Of the Year 2016 about the regulations of Mandatory Requirements for Prepackaged Products
  • UAE Scheme No. 16 Of the Year 2018 about the regulations of Mandatory Requirements for Legal Measuring Instruments

Applicable Standards for Metrology System Certification 

Importers, manufacturers and sellers can distribute metrology system products in the UAE marketplace only if the products comply with the mandatory safety standards. Some of these are local standards while others are international. Products that do not comply with the mandatory standards will be rejected by the ESMA and will not be allowed to be sold in the UAE local market. However, product certification agents in Dubai can assist you to ensure compliance with all the relevant standards. Given below is a list of standards applicable to metrology systems:

  • UAE.GSO.OIML R115 for clinical thermometers
  • BS EN 12470‐5:2003 for Clinical thermometers ( Performance of infra‐red ear thermometers)
  • UAE.GSO.OIML R 16‐1 for Non‐invasive mechanical sphygmomanometers
  • UAE.GSO.OIML R 16‐2 for Non‐invasive automated sphygmomanometers
  • ISO 15197:2003 for In vitro diagnostic test systems
  • UAE.GSO.OIML R76 for Non‐automatic weighing instruments
  • UAE.GSO.OIML R21 for Taximeters
  • UAE.GSO. OIML R117 for Dynamic measuring systems for liquids other than water
  • UAE.GSO. OIML R49 for water meters

Key Requirements to Certify Products with ESMA 

Presenting relevant documents, information and evidence is the most crucial step in the process of ESMA product certification in the UAE. Submitting inadequate documentation or presenting inaccurate information may cause a delay in approval or rejection. Sensible business people seek the assistance of product certification consultants in Dubai to avoid such unforeseen events. Have a look at the following list of requirements to ensure compliance with the documentation process:

  • Product certification application
  • A valid license issued by a UAE licensing authority
  • Identification of legal requirement of each measurement device, its accessories and allied devices through technical regulations and instructions
  • Test report of the product from an accredited laboratory as per the standards related to each product
  • Label marking card for the device
  • Declaration of conformity by the applicant

Process of Product Certification for Measurement Devices 

An application has to be submitted to ESMA by the applicant through product certification agents in Dubai, UAE. Officials at ESMA will review the application along with the supportive documents. A detailed evaluation will be conducted on the product in question and its related records. If the product complies with relevant technical regulations, ESMA will issue the certificate of conformity for the product. The validity of the certificate is one year but it can be renewed two months before its expiry. Product certification agents in Dubai can help you with the application process and renewal of the certificate.

How can Product Certification Agents in Dubai Help You? 

Metrology systems devices, especially industrial measurement systems, are an essential product used in a wide range of industries including the healthcare industry. Manufacturing and trading such products have huge profit potential, especially in a global market like the UAE. However, suppliers of such products must conduct ESMA product certification in the UAE before placing them in the local market. Product certification agents in Dubai can help the businesses obtain a conformity certificate from ESMA to legally supply metrology systems devices.

Jitendra Intellectual Property (JIP) is an IP firm offering bespoke product certification services in the UAE. JIP has a team of experts well-versed in ESMA regulations. We can help you obtain a conformity certificate without any hassle. JIP can help you ensure that your products comply with relevant standards and technical regulations. We can enable you to legally sell your products in the UAE marketplace without any hassle.

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