How to Register Cosmetic Products in Dubai, UAE?

Dubai is home to many international brands from the cosmetic industry. The high demand for cosmetic products and the growth of the industry has raised the case for enhanced focus on quality measures and regulations. The Dubai government has made it mandatory that all cosmetic products must be registered with the Dubai Municipality before it reaches the market. The Dubai Municipality ensures that cosmetic product registration in Dubai is completed to complying with its safety standards to protect the consumers. Local manufacturers and importers of cosmetic products are required to register their products before the import, sale or promotion of the goods in the UAE market.

Why is it Mandatory to Register Cosmetic Products with Dubai Municipality?

The cosmetic product registration in Dubai, UAE ensures that the cosmetic product is not harmful to the consumers. The process helps the customer identifies the origin of the product and the ingredients. In case of any side effect from using the product, the customer can easily file a case against the manufacturer at the customer protection department.

The registration certificate issued by the Dubai Municipality for cosmetic products is a vital document that facilitates customs clearance during shipment. Products that are not registered with the Dubai Municipality would have to face rejection during shipment or would be withdrawn from the markets. The registration is meant to ensure that the consumer gets all the important information about the product when he or she decides to purchase it.

What are Cosmetic Products?

The Dubai Municipality defines cosmetic products as substances that are intended to be applied over external parts of the human body. The use of these substances is intended to clean, beautify or maintain the body parts in good hygiene. The following are some of the major types of cosmetics products:

  • Creams, lotions, gels
  • Make-up powders
  • Perfumes, deodorants, cologne
  • Toilet soaps
  • Products for Nail care
  • Skin-whitening products
  • Shaving products
  • Conditioners
  • Eye lenses

Benefits of Registering Cosmetic Products in Dubai, UAE

Being a dynamic trade hub, Dubai offers plenty of lucrative opportunities to cosmetic products manufacturers and importers. The population of Dubai is so diverse and the people give special importance to personal hygiene and appearance. These characteristics of the Dubai residents have led to an increased demand for cosmetic products in the emirate. Cosmetic brands that comply with the regulations could take advantage of this highly profitable international market. Registering cosmetic products with the Dubai Municipality provides the following benefits to cosmetic brands:

  • Protection for Label
  • Increased Brand Value/ Credibility
  • Access to lucrative markets in Dubai, UAE
  • Right to import, manufacture, re-export products
  • Protection from fake goods
  • Support from the Dubai Government

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Process of Cosmetic Product Registration with the Dubai Municipality

For registering any product, it is mandatory that the company should be based in the UAE. For registering the cosmetic products with the Dubai Municipality, a company have to be setup in Dubai following the company formation regulations. The registration with the Dubai Municipality can be performed in the following steps:

1. Apply for Registration with Dubai Municipality

After obtaining a valid license, cosmetic companies should approach the Dubai Municipality for initiating the process of product registration. The businesses are required to submit a Cosmetic Product Registration Service Application along with the prescribed government fee.

2. Submission of Required Documents

A representative of the cosmetic company is required to fill the application form for each product. The representative is also required to submit a copy of a valid label assessment of the product that that needs to be registered along with other necessary documents. All these processes can be performed online with the Dubai Municipality.

3. Review and Approval of Registration

Dubai Municipality will verify the application and the submitted documents. If the documents and the details of the cosmetic products are complying with its standard, the product will be registered with the Municipality.  The Municipality will generate a certificate in electronic form. It is important to note that the registration for the cosmetic product is valid for 5 years.

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Cosmetic Product Registration Services in Dubai, UAE

Jitendra Intellectual Property (JIP) is a full-fledged Intellectual property firm in Dubai, UAE that also offers services for product registration in Dubai, UAE services to cosmetic companies. JIP’s highly qualified trademark agents help companies in cosmetic product registration in Dubai, UAE by ensuring that their products are registered with the Dubai Municipality with all the supporting documents. The trademark agents assist the companies in whole the process right from the application to obtaining the cosmetic product registration certificate. JIP’s trademark agents help the companies review their cosmetic product labels to ensure that they comply with the standards set by the Dubai Municipality. JIP recommends cosmetic companies to register their products with the Dubai Municipality to ensure better brand protection and secure the trust of consumers.

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