Do’s and Don’ts For Successful Trademark Registration in the UAE

The COVID-19 pandemic has proven that only strong brands can survive in times of economic uncertainty. The importance of branding has once again come to the fore courtesy to a global pandemic. Trademark registration in the UAE continues without disruption even amidst the chaos as the business owners believe how important branding is in a tough economic landscape.

The stimulus measures implemented by the Ministry of Economy in the form of trademark fee reductions also accelerated the rate of trademark registrations in the UAE. However, new brand owners who register their trademarks in Dubai need to understand the do’s and don’ts related to the process. Hiring the valuable assistance of the best intellectual property services in the UAE helps the brand owners from registering their trademarks flawlessly.

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Trademark Registration in UAE: Top Things Brand Owners Must Do

Brand owners need to consider registering trademarks that are distinctive so that the consumers find it easy to associate with. Trademark agents in Dubai recommend the brand owners to avoid generic and descriptive trademarks that are prone to trademark infringement.

The following are some of the best types of trademarks that are easy to enforce.

1. Arbitrary Trademarks

An arbitrary trademark is a strong mark that helps to distinguish one product or service from others. Arbitrary trademarks consist of words that have meaning in the respective language but the meaning has no relation with the product or service. The trademark of Apple is the most well-known example of an arbitrary trademark. Apple originally means a fruit but the consumers now associate Apple with a tech brand due to the strong branding strategy by the company.

2. Fanciful Trademarks

Fanciful trademarks are a better way to register the brands as it is a distinctive mark. The fanciful trademarks have no meaning in itself and are resilient to third party infringement. The trademarks of globally known brands like KODAK, XEROX, or GOOGLE have no inherent meaning but they are very distinctive. Intellectual property services in Dubai advise the brand owners to opt for fanciful trademarks.

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Trademark Registration in UAE: Top Things Brand Owners Must Avoid

Since trademark registration in the UAE is a crucial aspect of every business owner’s brand strategy, every step needs to be taken to avoid potential rejection. Trademark agents in Dubai are well-versed in the laws and regulations and consulting them helps the brand owners avoid trademark rejections.

The following are the type of trademarks that are prohibited from registering in the UAE.

1. Descriptive Marks

The UAE Ministry of Economy doesn’t allow the registration of trademarks that are descriptive and are not distinctive. It is tempting for brand owners to register trademarks that are descriptive in nature. Descriptive trademarks reveal too much information about the brand including the details about ingredients of the product, quality, and features of service, etc. Further, it is not easy for ensuring the protection of descriptive and non-distinctive trademarks.

2. Trademarks Violating Public Morals or Public Order

The brand owners who apply for trademark registration in the UAE need to have a thorough understanding of the country’s moral and social fabric. The UAE gives utmost importance to safeguarding the principals the country has been founded upon. Any trademark that questions the dignity of the UAE or its people is not fit for registration in the country. Consult the best intellectual property services in the UAE to avoid registering trademarks that are obscene in nature and violate the public order.

3. Flags, Emblems, Logos

Flags, emblems, and logos get registered in the minds of people easily. They are recognizable everywhere but brand owners need to ensure that their potential trademarks d not bear resemblance to flags of any nation, the international organization of governments. For example, a brand owner cannot register a trademark that is confusingly similar to the UAE flag or the logo of an international organization like the Red Cross.

4. Religious Marks

The process of trademark registration in Dubai needs to be conducted in a meticulous manner. The UAE doesn’t allow the registration of trademarks that are pure of religious nature. Try to avoid the names of religions, religious leaders, or marks that contain the word, God. Trademark agents in Dubai also recommend avoiding trademarks that look similar to purely religious symbols.

5. Geographic Names

Registering the trademark of a product or service that contains the name of a place is prohibited in the UAE. Using the name of the geographical name of a city or a country would create confusion among the consumers with regard to the origin of the product or service.

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Why Choose Jitendra Intellectual Property?

Trademark registration in the UAE is the primary requirement for a business to implement its brand strategy in a tough and competitive landscape. The importance of branding is more pronounced when an economic uncertainty prevails in the market. Strong branding helps the companies avoid being overturned by the competitors even amidst the challenges posed by a global pandemic like COVID-19. In this backdrop, the brand owners need to stick to all the crucial ‘‘do’s and don’ts’’ related to the process of trademark registration in the UAE. However, the complexity of the UAE Trademark Laws forces the brand owners to avail expert assistance from outside. It is in this scenario that full trademark registration services in Dubai come to the aid of the business owners.

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Jitendra Intellectual Property (JIP) is a pioneer in assisting the brand owners with the process of trademark registration in the UAE. JIP has highly qualified trademark agents who are well-versed in the trademark laws in the UAE. JIP offers services including trademark search, trademark registration in Dubai, UAE, and protection from trademark infringement. JIP is committed to ensuring that the trademarks of the brand owners remain protected in the UAE and other GCC countries.

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