How to Register the Dietary Supplements Products in Dubai?

Dubai is a top global market for the import and sale of dietary supplements or health supplements courtesy to a diverse population that is highly conscious of health and wellness. To ensure the safety of the consumers and also to block the influx of counterfeit products, the government has mandated that the health supplements should be registered with the Dubai Municipality before entering the local market.

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The dietary supplements can be defined as any powder, liquid, capsule or tablet consumed through the mouth to boost the nutritional diet as vitamins, fats, herbs, proteins etc. Such products should have a food label that helps the consumers identify it as a health supplement rather than a normal food product. Reputed Intellectual Property (IP) service firms in Dubai can register the products on behalf of the companies.

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Why Is it Mandatory to Register Dietary Supplements with Dubai Municipality?

The Government of Dubai has made the dietary supplements product registration mandatory to ensure the safety and health of the consumers. Any import, sale, manufacture or advertisement of the dietary supplements cannot be performed without performing the valid product registration at the Dubai Municipality. Any product that is not registered with the Dubai Municipality will be deemed as a fake good and will be stopped from entering the market.

As per the Dubai Municipality product registration regulations, the dietary supplements should display a label that contains information about the ingredients and the country of origin. If a consumer suffers from the side effects of a harmful ingredient, he or she can file a complaint against the manufacturers. The investors can register their products with the expert assistance of reputed product registration service provider in Dubai, UAE.

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The Process of Dietary Supplements Product Registration in Dubai Municipality

For registering any product with the Dubai Municipality, it is necessary to have a valid trade license. To register dietary supplements, either a new company can be set up or the businessmen can have an agreement with a licensed trading company in Dubai. Under the licensed trading company, the investors can appoint importers or distributors to have control over the product. Trademark agents in Dubai who are well-versed in local laws and regulations can assist the companies in performing the product registration on behalf of the companies. The followings steps must be followed to register dietary supplement products with the Dubai Municipality:

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1. Application Process at the Dubai Municipality

The first step in the process is submitting an application with the Dubai Municipality along with government fee. The application process can be done by a representative of the company. The Dubai Municipality has facilitated the online application process for product registration. To make the process hassle-free, the expert assistance of reputed IP firms or trademark agents can be availed.

2. Submission of Relevant Documents

The representative of the company needs to submit documents including the copy of trade license and valid label assessment to the Dubai Municipality. The label assessment is important as the Municipality need to ensure that the product label should contain key information including the ingredients and country of origin.

3. Review & Approval of Product

The Dubai Municipality will verify the documents after the submission of the application. The authority will review whether the product ingredients and other information depicted in the label comply with the Municipality’s standards. If compliance is ensured, then the registration will be approved.  The Dubai Municipality will then issue a registration certificate in the electronic form. The product registration with the Dubai Municipality is valid for 5 years from the date of issue.

4. Ground for Rejection of the Product

The Dubai Municipality will reject the application for registering the dietary supplement product in case it finds the product doesn’t comply with its standards. The Dubai Municipality would consider the following factors as reasons for rejection:

  1. Presence of banned ingredients
  2. Information on the label is incomprehensible
  3. The ingredients are not declared on the label
  4. Information about ingredients written in languages other than Arabic, English
  5. Misleading information or information that contradicts scientifically proven facts

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Documents Required for Registering Dietary Supplements in Dubai

Documentation is an important prerequisite for the registration of dietary supplements at the Dubai Municipality. The following documents should be submitted for ensuring a smooth process of product registration:

  1. Company profile
  2. License copy
  3. Product label
  4. Art Work
  5. Address
  6. Website
  7. Contact number
  8. Email id

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Why Choose Jitendra Intellectual Property?

Dubai is a lucrative market for dietary supplements that may enhance the growth prospects of importers, distributors and manufacturers of the product. Even though Dubai is business-friendly jurisdiction, the regulatory requirements here are stringent. As Dubai authorities give first priority for the safety of consumers, every product should be registered with the Dubai Municipality before its import, sale and manufacture in the local market. Considering the chances of potential rejection, the businessmen need the assistance of experts who are well-versed in local laws and regulations governing the product registration standards in Dubai. It is in this situation that the guidance of a reputed product registration service provider like Jitendra Intellectual Property (JIP) comes handy for importers or manufacturers.

JIP is a full-service IP firm that also offers product registration services. JIP’s highly qualified trademark agents will help the companies in ensuring proper product registration by ensuring efficient documentation process. JIP will take care of all the requirements including the trade license, label assessment etc. JIP is committed to ensuring that the companies get their product registered as fast as possible without any errors. The investors can enjoy the benefits of trading in the wider UAE market by entrusting the product registration process with JIP. JIP offer all types of product registration across the UAE including cosmetics, pharmaceutical & food products.
Contact us to get started with the product registration process.

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