Trademark Registration for E-Commerce Businesses in the UAE

The E-commerce sector has become the dark horse among all the business sectors by posting a surprising growth in the Post COVID-era in the UAE. The rate of success of the online shopping platforms in the region has surprised many as the online sales after a pandemic has shattered all the previous market estimates for the year. Now, since both the present and future outlook of the sector looks bright, the onus is now on the e-commerce platforms to focus more on increasing the brand value by registering a trademark in the UAE. Apart from the logo, the e-commerce firms should ensure that their business name also gets trademark protection as the competition in the sector is bound to increase in the backdrop of the surge in demand. Consult the best trademark agents in Dubai, UAE to get adequate protection for your e-commerce trademarks.

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Why Should an E-commerce Firm Trademark its Business Name in Dubai?

A strong business name is key to establish the brand and gain the confidence of the customers. Consumers often associate the name of the brand with the quality of products and service the particular company offers. The name establishes a long-lasting bond between the company and the customer. This increases the responsibility of the e-commerce company to protect the business name by conducting trademark registration in Dubai, UAE.

The rise in the competition will lead to an influx of copycats. The e-commerce companies should ensure that the copycats are not selling low-quality fake products by imitating the name of their company. Counterfeit products hurt the profit prospects of the original company and the firm has to face the risk of losing the loyalty of the customers. However, the process of trademark registration in the UAE helps the companies move legally against the counterfeiters in case trademark infringement is detected.

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How E-commerce Companies Benefit by Having a Trademark Registration in Dubai?

Successful trademark registration in Dubai gives the e-commerce entrepreneurs exclusive rights over the business name in the jurisdiction. However, for registering a trademark with the Trademarks Office, the brand owners require the assistance of reputed trademark agents in Dubai.

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The following are some of the major benefits of performing trademark registration in UAE.

  1. Protection for the business name across the UAE
  2. The registration will ensure that your e-commerce brand name will be in the database of the Trademark office. People who perform trademark searches in the UAE will, therefore, abstain from using it.
  3. You can record the Trademark with the Customs Authority of respective emirates to curb the influx of counterfeit products
  4. The brand owners can initiate administrative action against the fake products by approaching the Economic Departments of respective emirates
  5. You can create a strong brand value and gain the trust of the customers
  6. Trademark registration in the UAE helps you in expanding your business presence across other jurisdictions

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Are All Business Names Eligible for Trademark Registration in Dubai?

While registering the trademark of the business name in the UAE, the e-commerce entrepreneurs should ensure that the name is complying with the UAE Trademark Law. There are some do’s and don’ts that the brand owners need to follow while registering their trademarks in the UAE. Hiring the best trademark agents in Dubai, UAE will help the brand owners comply with the Trademark Law.

The following types of business names are not eligible for being trademarked in UAE

  1. Descriptive Trademarks
  2. Business Names that Violates Public Morals
  3. Purely Religious Names
  4. Geographic Names

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How to Ensure the Trademark of Your E-commerce Business Name is Strong Enough?

The name of the company has a strong role to play in deciding the success of an e-commerce platform. Companies like Amazon,, and Dubizzle have strong business names that created a big impression on the minds of the consumers. Trademark agents in Dubai recommend the brand owners to stick to the following rules for successful brand creation.

1. Arbitrary Names

Many of you might have why Jeff Bezos named his e-commerce behemoth Amazon. Amazon is the name of a famous river and it has no connection with the products sold on or In the trademarks jargon, such names are called arbitrary trademarks and it is considered as a strong method to protect the trademarks. An arbitrary trademark may have a meaning in the respective language but its meaning won’t have any connection with the product it represents. The UAE’s home-grown e-commerce company is another example of this strategy.

2. Fanciful or Coined Names

Fanciful or coined names make the strongest trademarks and provide the best protection for the brands. The name of the UAE-based e-commerce company Dubizzle is a prime example of a fanciful trademark. The word Dubizzle has no meaning in its language as it is just a made-up name. However, the name has become so successful that the consumers started saying ‘Dubizzle it’ for listing products or services on the platform for sale.

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Why Choose Jitendra Intellectual Property?

The sudden change in the business climate in Dubai has led to the dawn of many sunrise sectors that promises a bright outlook in the years ahead. E-commerce is considered as the best sector that successfully responded to the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic in the UAE. However, as more and more people are coming up with innovative e-commerce startup ideas, the competition in the market increases. Such a highly competitive market calls for the need for securing strong trademark protection for your e-commerce business name. A weak business name, however, could open the door for potential infringers. It is in this situation that a reputed Intellectual Property Service like Jitendra Intellectual Property (JIP) becomes indispensable for your e-commerce venture.

JIP has a team of highly qualified trademark agents who helps the brand owners successfully register the trademark in UAE. JIP’s our trademark agents are well-versed in the UAE Trademark Law and ensure that the trademark complies with the rules. JIP offers services like trademark search, IP watch, trademark registration in Dubai, trademark renewal in UAE, etc. JIP is committed to ensuring that your e-commerce trademark remains protected across the UAE and other GCC countries.

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