How to get ESMA Certification for Water Fixture Products in UAE?

Mechanical water fixtures are exchange devices that can be connected to a plumbing system to deliver and drain water. Taps, bathing faucets are some of the common examples of a water fixture. Water fixtures are an essential item in the UAE given the huge demand from both residential and commercial sectors. Businesses wishing to take advantage of this demand must, however, conduct product certification in the UAE to supply water fixtures in the local market.

The process of product certification in the UAE is controlled and regulated by Emirates Authority for Standardisation and Metrology (ESMA). Suppliers of water fixtures must obtain a Certificate of Conformity issued by the ESMA to legally distribute the products. Products that lack the ESMA certification will be prevented from getting distributed in the UAE market. Product certification agents in Dubai can advise you on the procedure for obtaining a conformity certificate from ESMA. Read ahead to gain further insights into the process of ESMA product registration in the UAE.

Who Should Apply for ESMA Product Certification in the UAE? 

All suppliers of water fixtures must get their products certified by the ESMA. Local manufacturers, importers and distributors of water fixtures are required to obtain the ESMA certificate of conformity. Importers can appoint a local representative in the UAE to register their water fixture products with ESMA. The products can be certified through product certification consultants in Dubai.

Types of Water Fixture Products Covered Under the Scheme 

Importers and distributors must check the scope of EMA product certification before applying for registration. Product registration agents in the UAE can offer more information on the type of products covered under the scheme. The following is a list of products to be certified by the ESMA:

  • Shower taps and shower mixers
  • Taps for public toilets
  • Taps for private toilets
  • Toilets with a water tank/stream System (Dual & single Flush)
  • Urinal with stream system
  • Kitchen Faucets
  • Bathing (Washing) Faucets
  • Ablutions Spraying Faucets

Emirates Conformity Assessment Scheme 

ESMA has implemented a certification scheme to certify all types of regulated products in the UAE. Water fixture products meant to be distributed in the UAE must be certified under the Emirates Conformity Assessment Scheme (ECAS). The ECAS scheme sets out the relevant standards and requirements to certify products regulated by the ESMA. The ECAS certificate is proof that the water fixture product has been approved by the UAE government through ESMA. Importers can use the ECAS certificates to get customs clearance while shipping the water fixtures into the UAE.

Key Requirements for ESMA Products Certification in the UAE 

The requirements may slightly vary depending on the scope of products. However, the following requirements are common for all types of water fixture products:

Application form (Online)

  1. Valid local Industry/Trade License
  2. Test Report from an accredited and approved laboratory
  3. Meet the requirements of Labelling Scheme for Water Fixtures 43, 2014
  4. Valid QMS ISO 9001 Certificate of the manufacturing facility
  5. Product Photos \ Technical drawing or specification datasheet
  6. Declaration of Conformity

Process of ESMA Product Certification in the UAE 

The process of obtaining a conformity certificate from ESMA involves some highly streamlined steps. The applicant is advised to carry out the process through product certification agents in Dubai to avoid errors or delays. The following are the steps involved in registering water fixture products with ESMA:

  • Submission of application through product registration agents
  • Application review by ESMA
  • Conformity assessment by evaluation officer
  • Detailed documents review for all the documents
  • Assessment of test report parameters and results
  • Evaluating the product’s eligibility for certification
  • Submission of additional documents if applicable
  • Issuance of conformity certificate

Validity of ESMA Certificate of Conformity 

The conformity certificate issued by the ESMA is valid for a year. The ECAS certificate should be renewed two months before the date of expiry. Product certification agents in Dubai can help businesses to renew certificates on time.

Consequences of Not Registering Products with ESMA 

All the regulated products must be certified by ESMA before placing them on the UAE market. Products without a conformity certificate will be regarded as fake goods and will be withdrawn from the local market. Imported products without a conformity certificate will be rejected during shipment. Other punishments such as penalties and imprisonment may apply depending on the intensity of the violation. Applying through product registration agents in Dubai, UAE is the best way to avoid penalties.

How can Jitendra Intellectual Property Help You? 

Importers, manufacturers and distributors of water fixtures must conduct product certification in the UAE with ESMA before placing the products in the market. Since ESMA product certification is mandatory, the suppliers of such products need to be aware of the standards set out by the ESMA. Since businesses can’t afford to spend their time studying all the complex requirements, it is better to leave the job to the best product registration certification agents in Dubai such as Jitendra Intellectual Property (JIP).

JIP is an IP firm providing bespoke product certification services in Dubai and across the UAE. Our product certification consultants provide robust advice on requirements, laboratory tests, and relevant standards related to the ESMA certification process. JIP can execute the application submission; document drafting and help you obtain the conformity certificate without any hassle.

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