How to Obtain ESMA Conformity Certificate For Vehicle Spare Parts Products?

The UAE is one of the major target markets for the suppliers of vehicle spare parts products. The UAE, especially Dubai, is one of the biggest markets of vehicles, and it spiked the demand for auto spare part sales. Businesses engaged in the sale, import and production of vehicle spare parts, however, need to ensure quality certification before supplying the products in the UAE. Vehicle spare parts suppliers must perform product certification in the UAE before placing their products on the local market.

Certification of products, including the auto spare parts products, are regulated by the Emirates Authority of Standardisation and Metrology (ESMA). Suppliers of vehicle spare part products are required to obtain a Conformity Certificate issued by ESMA before trying to distribute their products in the UAE market. Trying to sell products without a Conformity Certificate will attract stringent consequences, including penalties. Product certification agents in Dubai can help businesses avoid such penalties by properly registering the products for ESMA approval.

Who Should Apply for Product Certification with ESMA?

All the manufacturers, importers and distributors of auto spare parts must obtain a Conformity Certificate from ESMA if they wish to sell their products in the UAE market. A valid UAE trade license is required for getting ESMA approval for vehicle spare part products. Companies incorporated outside the UAE can certify their products through local distribution agents. Consult with product certification agents in Dubai for further details.

Applicable Certification Scheme for Auto Spare Part Products

All the vehicle spare part products that are meant to be distributed in the UAE must be certified under the Emirates Conformity Assessment Scheme (ECAS) instituted by the ESMA. ECAS sets out the safety and quality requirements for regulated products, including vehicle spare parts. The ECAS certificate is necessary to demonstrate the product has been approved by the UAE Federal Government through ESMA. Product certification agents in Dubai can help the auto spare part suppliers to navigate the ECAS procedures and requirements.

Scope of Auto Spare Part Products to be Certified under ECAS

Vehicle spare parts products are listed under the broader category of Mechanical Products under the ECAS scheme. The following are the types of vehicle spare part products that need to undergo the process of ESMA product certification in the UAE:

  • Brake systems
  • Brake pads
  • Car coolers
  • Seat belt
  • Rearview mirrors
  • Car batteries
  • Oil filters
  • Air filters
  • Laminated safety glass
  • Rims
  • Door locks and door hinges
  • Light reflectors
  • Alarm systems for buses & commercial vehicles
  • Relays and flashes

Requirements for ESMA Product Certification in the UAE

As per ESMA rules for product certification in the UAE, the supplier must formally apply for the authority’s approval. Suppliers of vehicle spare part products must obtain documents showing that the product complies with all the applicable standards and technical regulations. The product should be tested as per the ECAS scheme requirements at any ESMA-approved laboratory. The test report date should not be less than three years. Furthermore, the following documents must be submitted to the ESMA:

  • Application form for ESMA certification
  • Valid industry/trade license
  • Declaration of conformity by the applicant on product registration (It must be on applicant’s official letterhead)
  • Test report from an accredited and recognized laboratory as per the technical requirements mentioned in Cabinet Resolution No .12 for the year 2018
  • Official Fee

Process of ESMA Product Certification in the UAE

The applicant should submit the application form to the ESMA containing details such as the type of product to be certified, relevant standards for which the applicant is seeking certification, applicant’s business activity, related business facilities, and any other information valid for ESMA product registration in the UAE. The application form should be accompanied by all the mandatory documents required for the product certification.

ESMA will carry out a detailed document review, including a review of the test reports from accredited laboratories. Then the ESMA will evaluate whether the product in question is eligible for ESMA product certification. If everything goes well, ESMA will issue a Conformity Certificate for the vehicle spare parts product. The Certificate of Conformity is valid for one year and can be renewed two months before its expiry. Product certification agents in Dubai can help the businesses with product certification & renewal of the Conformity Certificate.

Consult with the Best Product Certification Agents in Dubai

The manufacture, distribution and import of vehicle spare parts need approval from ESMA before placing them on the market. Importers, manufacturers and distributors need to perform product certification in the UAE to avoid consequences such as rejection of the product during shipment and penalties. However, ESMA’s certification process involves complex steps and requirements. Businesses can consult with product certification agents in Dubai, such as Jitendra Intellectual Property (JIP), to navigate the steps. JIP has adequate resources to ensure that the applicant gets the conformity certificate without any delay. Consult with JIP today to comply with the standards of ESMA product certification in the UAE.

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