Everything You Need to Know about Food Product Registration in Dubai

Setting up a food trading business in Dubai presents investors with a lucrative business opportunity. However, the process of starting a food trading company in Dubai involves many procedures and the key part of it is product registration with the Dubai Municipality. The Dubai government mandates that the businesses that import, manufacture, or sell the food products must first register the products with the Dubai Municipality. Importers or manufacturers who attempt to sell unregistered products in the UAE market have to face serious actions from the authorities.  The process of food product registration involves several crucial steps and the best trademark agents in Dubai could make the procedure hassle-free.

Why Food Product Registration in Dubai is Mandatory?

The key objectives of food product registration in Dubai are ensuring the safety of the consumers as well as helping the genuine business owners by curbing the influx of fake goods. The importers and manufacturers must take due care to register their food products because the unregistered products will be deemed as fake goods. The unregistered products will be rejected by the authorities during shipment.

The product registration process helps the consumers ensure that they are using the products of the highest quality. A food product that is registered with the Dubai Municipality has all the information about the ingredients and source of origin displayed on its label. In case of any side effects, the consumers can sue the manufacturer based on the information displayed on the label. In this way, the process of product registration in Dubai safeguards the interests of both the consumers as well as genuine manufacturers.

Key Requirements of Food Product Registration in Dubai

Dubai Municipality has formulated a highly efficient procedure to register the food products before it enters the UAE market. The food products go through a series of tests and assessments before it gets the approval from the Municipality. The following are the key requirements that the importers and manufacturers are required to meet for registering their food products in Dubai.

1) A Valid Trade License

The companies need to have a valid trade license in order to register the food products with Dubai Municipality. One way for ensuring a trade license in Dubai is by setting up a food products manufacturing or trading company. Another popular way is registering the products with a licensed trading company in Dubai and appointing importers or distributors under this company.

2) Registration of Barcode

The manufacturers and importers must note that the barcode for each food product package must be registered with the Dubai Municipality. The bar code on each package of the same product must be identical.

3) Laboratory Test

The food products must be sent for performing the mandatory laboratory tests to detect the presence of any harmful ingredients. The samples of the substances contained in the product will be sent to the Dubai Central laboratory for testing. If the Central Laboratory is unable to conduct the test, it will refer the samples to other accredited labs.

Possible Grounds for Rejection

The application submitted for product registration in Dubai runs the risk of being rejected if certain standards are not met. The following circumstances can lead to the rejection of the product registration application:

  1. Products contain prohibited ingredients
  2. Information on the label is found to be incomprehensible
  3. Barcode duplication is detected
  4. Applicants fail to declare the ingredients
  5. Writing information about ingredients in languages other than Arabic, English

To avoid rejection, the applicants should be careful enough to abide by all the regulations of the Dubai Municipality. To ensure this, the manufacturers can consult the best trademark agents in Dubai.

Why Choose Jitendra Intellectual Property?

Dubai offers investors ample opportunities to prosper by manufacturing and trading food products. However, the Dubai government mandates that any import, manufacturing, or trading of food products should take place only after registering with the Dubai Municipality. Any food product that is not registered with the Municipality will be rejected during shipment as unregistered products are considered as fake goods. To avoid such unforeseen events the manufacturers and traders must consult the best trademark agents in Dubai to register their food products.

Jitendra Intellectual Property (JIP) is a full-service Intellectual Property Service firm that also provides product registration services in Dubai. JIP’s highly qualified trademark agents in Dubai ensure that the food products are registered with the Dubai Municipality in compliance with the safety standards. JIP’s trademark agents are well-versed in the laws and regulations set by the Dubai government in relation to the product registration process. JIP assists the companies in procedures such as label assessment, laboratory tests and ensures that the products are not rejected for non-compliance.

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