Do’s and Don’ts of Product Registration Process in Dubai, UAE

The key reason that made Dubai one of the biggest trading hubs in the world is the emirate’s unrelenting commitment to maintain higher standards and quality of products being traded in the market. Dubai is populated by consumers from numerous countries and diverse cultural backgrounds and the government has implemented a robust system to ensure that the customers get the products of the best quality in Dubai. To make sure of this, Dubai has mandated that all the importers, manufacturers or sellers must register their products in Dubai before it reaches the market.

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Dubai Municipality is the competent authority that oversees the process of product registration in Dubai. Any product that is not registered with the Municipality will be regarded as fake good and the companies will face stringent action for trading counterfeit goods. Product registration in Dubai is a highly streamlined process and you need to know the do’s and don’ts of the procedure to ensure that you are complying with the standards. If you are an importer, manufacturer, or trader then it is highly recommended to hire trademark agents in Dubai for registering your products at the Municipality.

Do’s of Product Registration in Dubai

1. Ensure You Have a Valid License in the UAE

To register a product with the Dubai Municipality, first, you need to ensure that you are licensed to conduct the business in the UAE. You can register the product by setting up a company by obtaining a trade license in Dubai or having an agreement with a local distributor. The local distributor will register the products with the Dubai Municipality.

2. Understand the Registration Requirements

For a successful product registration in Dubai, you should have a clear grasp of the compliance requirements set by the Municipality for specific categories of products. Food products, cosmetics, pharmaceutical products, health supplements, etc, would be required to undergo mandatory laboratory tests to ensure that no products contain no harmful ingredients. You can have a detailed understanding of such requirements by consulting reputed trademark agents in Dubai.

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3. Include Required Information on Product Label

Labelling is a crucial part of the product registration process in Dubai. The label should contain all the vital information about the product including the ingredients and the country of origin. If a consumer suffers from any side-effect of the product, he or she can file a complaint against the manufacturer based on the information on the label. Therefore you need to ensure that you have submitted the correct information to the authority as part of the labelling process.

4. Ensure Proper Filing of Application

You need to submit a Products Registration Service Application to initiate the registration process procedure and also pay the registration fees. You can appoint a company representative who will fill the form for each product on your behalf. The representative should submit a copy of a valid label assessment of the product that that needs to be registered. The registration can be performed online through the website of the Dubai Municipality.

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Don’ts of Product Registration in Dubai

1. Applying for Banned Products in Dubai

Not all products can be registered or traded in Dubai. Dubai Municipality has a list of products that are prohibited from registration such as

(a) Narcotic Drugs

(b) Betel Leaves

(c)Goods made in Israel

(d) E-Cigarettes

(e) Gambling-related products

2. Duplication in Application

Your product registration application is bound to face rejection by the Municipality if a specific product you applied for has already been registered with another name or account. The duplication of application can be avoided with the help of trademark agents in Dubai as they ensure that the product is not registered already with the Municipality.

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3. Use of Foreign Language in Label

In Dubai, Arabic is the official language for verifying the information on the label and you must ensure that the mandatory information is written in Arabic. The use of other languages in the label is considered as translation. If you are registering a food product with Dubai Municipality, the labelling on the package should be Arabic and/or English. Languages other than English and Arabic are possible grounds for rejection.  Also, the use of Hebrew on the label should be avoided due to the ban on Israeli products.

4. Use or Religious Signs or Inappropriate Pictures

As a manufacturer or importer of products, you must have a clear understanding of the applicable laws in the UAE. Product registration applications that violate any of the Federal Laws will be rejected by the Dubai Municipality. In the UAE, you are not allowed to use any religious signs or pictures on the products. The product packages also shouldn’t contain any pictures that violate the public order or morality.

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Why Choose Jitendra Intellectual Property?

The opportunity to trade the products in Dubai is a lucrative business prospect for companies across the world. However, the manufacturers, importers, and traders need to ensure that their products meet the highest standards set by the government. To ensure the standards, you need to register your products with the Dubai Municipality before it reaches the market. Any error in the filing of application or violation of rules may result in the rejection of products and it is in this scenario that you need the professional assistance of the best trademark agents in Dubai, UAE.

Jitendra Intellectual Property (JIP) is a leading Intellectual Property service provider in Dubai but also provides efficient product registration services for local manufacturers and importers. JIP has years of experience in the trademark registration industry, and upholds the UAE’s commitment to ensuring that no fake or harmful products are being traded in the domestic market. JIP’s highly qualified trademark agents guide its clients in every step of product registration in Dubai, UAE to ensure that the businesses comply with all the stipulated requirements and regulations of Dubai Municipality.

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