How Fashion Brands Can Register Trademarks in UAE

Trademark registration is paramount to protect the intellectual property (IP) of the fashion industry whether it is for big fashion brands, textile manufacturers, or jewellery brands. UAE Trademark agents recommend fashion brands register their trademarks in the UAE due to the influx of big brands and manufacturers who contributed immensely to develop a competitive market in the Emirates.

Dubai, being a financial capital and the second biggest emirate of the UAE, is proof of UAE’s penchant for luxury brands. Dubai is considered one of the hubs of luxury goods and constitutes 60% of the UAE’s luxury market. Dubai’s thrust on the fashion industry has attracted more retailers and tourists into the dynamic city thereby enhancing the growth prospects of the region. The glorious Dubai Mall and the high-voltage fashion events are a testament to Dubai’s strength in the fashion industry.  Moreover, the Arab Fashion Week Dubai, held every year in Dubai, has cemented Dubai’s position in the global fashion circuit.

How Trademarks Protect the Fashion Brands in the UAE?

Fashion is a multi-billion industry and some of the world’s biggest fashion brands have been housed in Dubai for years. A highly fashion-conscious society in Dubai is one of the prime reasons why fashion brands should ensure the protection of their brand value. Consulting a trademark agent is the first step in ensuring the brand is protected in the UAE through trademark registration.

– Protection for the Brand Name

The brand name is the biggest asset of any player in the fashion industry as consumers associate the names with trust, reputation, and quality. Many clotheslines are just known by the name of the designers. Louis Vuitton is a globally-recognized French luxury fashion brand that owes the name to its iconic designer. Such brands have been always conscious of protecting their trademarks even when they expand their presence to other global jurisdictions like the UAE.

– Protection from Copycats

Copycats are one of the biggest challenges that have been dogging the fashion industry for ages around the world and the UAE is no exception to it. Almost all of the world-renowned designers have initiated one or more legal battles against copycats who steal their works and use them for profits. The rise of copycats can be attributed to the emergence of ‘fast-fashion’ which indicates a trend of producing cheaper clothes quickly to move in line with the current trends. For defending oneself in such cases it is highly advisable that businesses or designers register their trademarks.

How Fashion Brands Can Register Trademarks in the UAE Using Nice Classification?

The Nice Classification is an international system of classification of goods and services, which has been established for trademark registration of marks. Brands in the fashion industry need to decide under which class their trademarks should be filed. Seeking the help of well-known trademark agents in the UAE would ease this process as the Nice Classification categorizes trademarks into 45 classes of goods and services. The fashion industry can be classified into 4 major categories as per Nice Classification

1. Industry for Jewelry and Watches – Class 14

The consumers in the UAE are known for their fondness for luxury items including jewellery and expensive watches. This has made the country a haven for major global luxury brands. Brands catering to the jewellery and Watches sector are required to register their trademarks under Class 14. The list also includes precious metals and alloys.

2. Textile Industry – Class24

The UAE boasts of a dynamic textile industry that is known for its diversified portfolio. Trademark agents recommend that manufacturers of textile products should register their trademarks under Class 24 of the Nice Classification. Class 24 also includes bed covers and table covers.

3. Clothing Industry – Class 25

UAE, especially Dubai, is a favourite destination for the world’s best-known luxury clothing labels. Thousands of luxury brands have found their abode in the Dubai Mall. Clothing labels, whether big or small, should protect their business by registering trademarks under Class 25. Class 25 also covers footwear and headgear.

4. Cosmetics & Perfumes – Class 03

Cosmetics have been one of the top-performing sectors related to the fashion industry in the UAE. Dubai has been witnessing increased per capita spending on cosmetics and other personal care items in recent times. Trademarks related to the Cosmetics & Perfumes sector must be registered under Class 03.

5. Leather Industry – Class-18

The UAE has always given special significance to the growth of its leather industry.  Businesses dealing with the leather trade must protect their trademarks by registering them under Class 18 of the Nice Classification. Imitations of leather, animal skin, travelling bags are the other leather articles that come under the scope of Class 18.

6. Online Trade for Fashion Business – Class 35

E-commerce has been one of the latest and advanced domains of trade that has been disrupting the business environment across the world including the UAE. Fashion is one of the most sought-after sectors in the space of online trade. All the above-mentioned goods related to the fashion industry must be registered also in Class 35, which is for online trading of goods.

Choose Jitendra Intellectual Property to Register Fashion Trademarks in UAE

Jitendra Intellectual Property (JIP) has been at the forefront of enabling businesses in the UAE to gain a respectable brand value through trademark registration. JIP’s highly qualified team of trademark agents ensures that the trademarks of the companies in the fashion industry are properly registered with the UAE trademark office complying with all the legal requirements. Trademark specialists at the JIP will guide the companies in registering their trademarks as per the appropriate Class in the Nice Classification. JIP is hell-bent on making sure that the copyrights and trademarks of businesses remain protected from any infringements in the UAE. JIP’s legal consultants would act as a reliable ally to help the companies sail through all the legal procedures if any infringement occurs.

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