Why You Should Hire Services of Trademark Agents in the UAE?

Registering a trademark in the UAE requires not only sound knowledge of Arabic but also requires knowledge of the Trademark laws in the UAE and knowledge of the Nice classification List to select the right class under which trademark falls. Apart from that, one should be familiar with the procedure laid down by the Ministry of Economy for registering the trademark and last but not the least in case of trademarks to be registered in more than one countries, then person registering the trademark should have a network of the trademark firms in those countries. Alas! Lot of work isn’t it. As if a person registering a brand has to be Superman. True, this is where the role of the Trademark agents comes into play.

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Trademark agents not only help businesses to register their trademarks in the UAE but also advise businesses on how to protect from their competitors and tackle counterfeit products floating around in the UAE. The role of trademark agents in registering the trademarks is critical as the UAE has made it mandatory for foreign businesses to appoint a trademark agent. Apart from offering UAE trademark registration services, trademark agents help businesses deal with all legal disputes, negotiations, and settlements related to trademark infringement.  Losing the legal battles over trademark infringements could hurt the brand value and companies, therefore, businesses need to hire the best trademark agents in the UAE to protect their businesses.

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How Trademark Agents in the UAE Help Brand Owners?

Brand owners would have to pass many hurdles before ensuring full ownership rights over their trademarks. They would have to deal with paper works and legal documents related to trademark registrations, trademark assignment and disputes regarding infringement. Only a trademark agent with ample experience and knowledge about laws could help the brand owners sail easily through all the processes. In this regard, trademark agents perform a multitude of activities for safeguarding the intellectual property rights of the clients.

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Trademark agents help the businesses in the following ways:

1. Expertise in Trademark Laws

Business owners should consider trademark agents as the protectors of their intellectual property rights as the agents possess in-depth knowledge about trademark laws in the respective jurisdictions. A trademark agent could advise the business owners about processes like trademark ownership, trademark assignment, or trademark license. The agent’s expertise in handling paper works, government approvals and legal disputes would be beneficial for the companies.

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2. Trademark Search

Before applying for a trademark with the UAE Trademark Office, companies need to ensure that their trademarks are not confusingly similar to other well-known brands or any existing trademarks. The failure to conduct a trademark search would lead to opposition and further court battles. Reputed trademark agents in the UAE conduct thorough research about the trademarks to save their clients from any future legal hassles. Trademark agents could inform their clients when any new brand with an identical name appears in the market.

3. Trademark Classification

Trademark agents have a firm grasp over the different trademark classes under which their clients’ brands should be trademarked. The UAE follows the Nice Classification List of trademarks where goods and services are categorized into 45 classes. Every product or service must only be trademarked under the respective classes. The businesses often lack the knowledge about the different classes of trademarks but trademark agents in the UAE could help them with the classification.

4. Language

Businesses need the assistance of trademark agents for dealing with the language barrier in the UAE. Arabic is the mandatory language of communication during trademark hearings at the trademark office. The owners of the proposed trademark could not be expected to be proficient in Arabic, which calls for the need of an Arabic-speaking trademark agent.

5. Access to Official Gazette

The UAE trademark office publishes the details of every trademark application in its Official gazette. The Gazette is published in the Arabic language and is being released on the last day of every month. Oppositions to the trademark could be raised within 30 days of the publication of the gazette. If no opposition is raised, then the trademark office considers the trademark as ‘registered.’ However, only a trademark agent has access to this Gazette.

6. Help with Drafting Agreements

Trademark agents help their clients in drafting significant agreements related to the trademarks. When a business owner decides to transfer the ownership over the trademarks to another entity, trademark agents could help them draft the deeds of assignment. The agents can also help the brand owners draft licensing agreements.

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7. A Worldwide Network of IP Firms

Trademark agents with a wide network of IP firms globally win over the trademark agent who doesn’t have a wide network of trademark agents globally. Today top brands have a global presence, that means a global threat to their brands from the competitors hence all brand owners would like to register their brands worldwide.

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Why Choose Jitendra Intellectual Property?

I am sure, now you have realized how complex is the job of trademark agents? You can call them Superman or any superhero it’s up to the individual. Jitendra Intellectual Property (JIP) is a full-fledged intellectual property service firm in Dubai, UAE, with years of experience in helping companies with trademark registration and protection in the UAE and GCC countries. JIP’s highly qualified team of trademark agents assist brand owners with all the valuable services including trademark application, trademark search, trademark classification, and trademark assignment. JIP has helped thousands of clients in ensuring their intellectual property rights remain protected in the UAE and Middle East countries. JIP’s trademark agents possess unmatchable knowledge about the UAE trademark laws and regulations. JIP represents businesses in legal disputes regarding trademark infringements and leads negotiations and settlements on behalf of the brand owners.

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