How to Get ESMA Conformity Certificate for Retreaded Tires?

The import, sale and manufacture of re-treaded tires in the UAE are controlled and regulated by the Emirates Authority for Standardisation and Metrology (ESMA). Suppliers of re-treaded tires, therefore, need to perform product registration in the UAE as per the technical requirements and standards set out by the ESMA. The UAE doesn’t allow the distribution and import of regulated products that are not registered with ESMA.

Authorities will pull products that reach the market without the ESMA conformity certificate. In the case of imports, unregistered products will be rejected during the shipment. Manufacturers, importers and distributors of re-treaded tire products can avoid such unforeseen situations with the help of product registration agents in Dubai, UAE. However, to prepare for the groundwork, businesses can read this article. We have listed all the important aspects of ESMA product registration requirements for re-treaded tires. Read on.

Type of Certification needed for Re-treaded Tires

Re-treaded tires should obtain a Conformity Certificate under the scheme called Emirates Conformity Assessment Scheme (ECAS). ECAS is a UAE product certification scheme implemented by the ESMA in line with the Federal Law No 28 of 2001. Importers can use the ECAS certificate as proof that the product has been cleared by the Customs Authority. In short, an ECAS certificate demonstrates that the product has been approved by the Federal Government through ESMA. Consult with product registration agents in Dubai to navigate the procedure of ECAS certification.

How to Prepare Application for ESMA Certification in the UAE?

As the first step of product registration in the UAE, the suppliers of re-treaded tires must prepare an error-free application for ESMA product certification. The application should contain all the mandatory information required by the ESMA product certification scheme in the UAE. The following are some of the important requirements:

The type of product that requires ESMA certification in the UAE (it should mention the product and facility/process to help the authority determine the type of certification required)

  • Applicants should mention the relevant standard/ or normative documents they seek certification for
  • General information including business activities of the applicant, details about the facilities, the relationship between the business facilities in connection with the certification scheme, information on outsourced processes relevant to Product conformity etc.
  • All relevant information is required for the process of ESMA certification in the UAE.

The signing of the application form implies that the applicants agree to comply with the general rules and product standards related to the registration of re-treaded tire products with ESMA. The application form also contains a self-assessment checklist to ensure that all the information is in alignment with the ESMA requirements for product registration in the UAE. Consult with the best product registration agents in Dubai to prepare the application in compliance with the ESMA standards.

Documents Require for ESMA Product Registration in the UAE

Once the application for product certification in the UAE is ready, it’s time to submit them to the ESMA portal with all other relevant documents. Product registration agents in Dubai can help the applicants navigate this crucial step. Some of the key documents required for registering a product with ESMA are given below:

  • Application for ESMA product certification
  • Conformity declaration by the applicant regarding the product to be registered (it should be on the official letterhead of the applicant)
  • List of all the components (such as additives used to enhance the quality of the product)
  • Test Report in line with the mandatory UAE GSO standard
  • Test Report validity (one-year test report)
  • Evidence to prove exclusive distributorship from the manufacturer if the applicant is a trader or an agent
  • A location map of the factory/warehouse
  • Labelling artwork prepared as per the relevant standards

Apart from these mandatory requirements, certain additional documents for facility audit has to be submitted to the ESMA. They are:

  • Copy of applicable QMS/ISO 9001 Manual (Soft Copy/in CD/DVD)
  • A concise description of the manufacturing process
  • Copies of labels, markings, logos as per specific standard
  • List of finished products

Process of ESMA Product Registration in the UAE

Once the application form and other documents are submitted, ESMA will start the verification process. A detailed document review will be carried out on all the documents submitted. The review includes an examination of test report parameters and results done by the third-party laboratory. If everything goes well, the ESMA will issue a product conformity certificate. If the documentation is inadequate, ESMA will ask the applicant to submit the documents again for re-assessment. Product registration agents in Dubai can help businesses avoid delays due to re-assessments.

How can Jitendra Intellectual Property Help you?

The production, sale and import of re-treaded tires require a conformity certificate from the ESMA. To obtain the conformity certificate, suppliers of re-treaded tires need to conduct product registration in the UAE as per the ESMA standards. Some of the requirements as complex, which may cause the delay in getting the conformity certificate issued. However, product registration agents in Dubai, such as Jitendra Intellectual Property (JIP), can help businesses tackle any complex steps. JCA has adequate resources to ensure that the applicant gets the conformity certificate without any delay. Consult with JIP today to comply with the standards of ESMA product registration in the UAE.

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