How to Register Air Conditioning Products with ESMA?

Selling non-ducted air conditioners is a profitable business in the UAE given the generally arid climate of the country. Almost every household in the UAE requires air conditioners to fight off the extremely dry, hot and humid summer that runs from April to September. However, businesses need to conduct product registration in the UAE if they plan to import or sell non-ducted air conditioners.

The import, sale and manufacturing of non-ducted air conditioners are regulated by the Emirates Authority for Standardisation and Metrology (ESMA). The importers and distributors need to be aware of the standards, conditions and technical requirements set out by the ESMA for distributing the non-ducted air conditioner products in the UAE. Skipping the UAE product registration process may lead to rejection during shipment along with hefty penalties. However, product registration agents in the UAE can assist you to you avoid such penalties by helping you comply with ESMA standards.

This article sheds valuable insights into the process of registering non-ducted air conditioner products with ESMA in the UAE. It will equip you with sufficient knowledge to navigate the ESMA product certification process. Read ahead:

Types of Air Conditioning Products Covered under the Scheme 

Only those air conditioners intended for residential use are covered under the ESMA product certification scheme. It includes single-phase household air conditioners for window-type and split non-ducted air conditioners. Air conditioners that use air and water-cooled contenders for household use are mainly covered under the scheme. Product registration agents in Dubai can explain to you in detail the scope of the products.

Key Compliance Schemes for Air Conditioning Products 

In line with the requirements of product registration in the UAE, non-ducted Air Conditioning products must be subjected to the following conformity schemes & standards:

Emirates Conformity Assessment Scheme 

All non-ducted air conditioning products must obtain a conformity certificate under the Emirates Conformity Assessment Scheme (ECAS). The ECAS sets out the quality and safety standard requirements for products under ESMA’s regulation. An ECAS certificate serves as proof that the product under question has been approved by the UAE Federal Government through ESMA. An ECAS certificate is required for importers to obtain customs clearance while shipping their products into the UAE.

Energy Efficiency Standards and Labelling 

Energy Efficiency Standards and Labelling (EESL) is a key registration requirement for Air Conditioning products. The scheme requires the products to meet minimum energy performance rating and get labelled with a star rating depending on the Energy Efficiency Rating (EER) value. The information displayed on the product label tells the consumers the efficiency shown by the product in terms of the amount of energy and resource, it uses against its performance.

Star Rating for Air Conditioning Products 

Star rating refers to the number of stars displayed on the energy label. There will be a minimum of one star and a maximum of five. A higher star rating indicates a higher energy efficiency.

Requirements for Compliance 

Products covered under the ECAS schema must meet the following requirements:

  • Compliance of UAE.S 5010:2011
  • Product testing under UAE.S 5151:2011
  • Meet EESL standard
  • Cooling capacity tests done under T3 conditions as per UAE.S 5151:2011
  • EER value rounded off and recorded to three significant figures
  • Test voltage should be 230 Volts
  • The frequency must be 50 HZ
  • Third-party energy efficiency test report with general information & technical data

Documents Required for ESMA Product Certification  

In addition to the compliance standards requirements, you need to submit relevant documents to clear the process of product registration in the UAE. We have made a list of key documents you need to organise before applying for the ESMA product certification process for air conditioning products:

  1. A valid industry/ trade license
  2. Duly filled application form
  3. Manufacturer’s name / trademark
  4. Manufacturer’s country of origin
  5. Rated voltage range
  6. Rated power input
  7. Energy efficiency ratio
  8. Annual energy consumption
  9. Sampling and testing report
  10. Instruction manual ( both Arabic & English)

Process of Registering Products with ESMA  

You need to gather all the documents test reports and other information and submit it to the ESMA through product registration agents in Dubai. ESMA will evaluate the application to ensure the product complies with it’s standards. If the documentation is insufficient, ESMA will ask you to rectify the non-compliance status and resubmit the documents. If everything is all right, ESMA will issue a certificate I conformity for air conditioning products.

Hire the Best Product Registration Agents in Dubai, UAE 

Importers, manufacturers and distributors of non-ducted air conditioning products need to conduct product registration in the UAE with ESMA before placing the products in the market. Since ESMA product certification is mandatory, the suppliers of such products need to be aware of the standards set out by the Authority. Since businesses can’t afford to spend their time studying all the complex requirements, it is better to leave the job to the best product registration agents in Dubai such as Jitendra Intellectual Property (JIP).

JIP is an IP firm that provides reliable product registration services in Dubai and across the UAE. Our product registration agents can offer you consultation on the requirements, laboratory tests, and relevant standards related to the ESMA registration process. We can execute the application submission, document drafting and help you obtain the conformity certificate without any hassle.

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