How to Obtain ESMA Conformity Certificate for Petroleum Products?

Being an oil-rich nation, the sale of petroleum products is a critical aspect of the UAE economy. However, given the tremendous level of risk it poses, the supply of petroleum products is strictly regulated by the UAE Federal government through Emirates Authority for Standardisation and Metrology (ESMA). Due to these regulatory requirements, suppliers of petroleum products must conduct product certification in the UAE before placing such products in the local marketplace.

Importing, manufacturing or distributing petroleum products without ESMA approval is a punishable offence. However, petroleum product suppliers need not worry about the lengthy steps and extensive documentation associated with the process of ESMA product certification in the UAE. Product certification agents in Dubai can help you navigate the complex requirements set out by the ESMA.

Who Should Apply for Product Certification? 

Petroleum products must be certified under relevant ESMA product certification schemes before being placed on the UAE marketplace. Manufacturers, importers, or distributors of the products are required to apply for product certification in the UAE. A valid trade license issued by a free zone or mainland licensing authority is a prerequisite for getting a product certified by the ESMA.

Importers can set up a new company in the UAE and certify their products with the ESMA. However, the easiest way is to sign a contract with local distributors holding a valid license and apply for certification through them. Product certification agents in Dubai can get the products certified on behalf of Importers, manufacturers and distributors.

Scope of Petroleum Products  

The petroleum products that are regulated by the ESMA come under the broader category of Chemicals. Stated below is a list of products that must be certified by the ESMA before selling them in the UAE:

  • Diesel (Gas Oil)
  • Lubricating Oils for Internal Combustion
  • Petroleum products/ Others

Mandatory Product Certification Schemes  

Unlike many other products, petroleum products must be certified under two product certification schemes in the UAE. They are,

1. Emirates Conformity Assessment Scheme 

Emirates Conformity Assessment Scheme (ECAS) is a Product Certification Scheme being implemented by the ESMA as mandated by the Federal Law 28 of 2001. ECAS sets out the quality and safety requirements mandatory for regulated products including petroleum products. Products that clear the certification process will be issued an ECAS certificate of conformity.

The ECAS certificate can be used to prove that the product has been approved by the Federal Government through ESMA. Businesses can use the certificate for their products to clear the UA Customs and to place the products in the local marketplace. Product certification agents in Dubai can help businesses contain certificates of conformity without any hassle.

2. Emirates Quality Mark 

Regulated products such as petroleum products must obtain an Emirates Quality Mark (EQM) issued by the ESMA. The EQM is a mark of quality and conformity issued to products that can demonstrate compliance with relevant UAE National regulations and standards, regional and/or international standards and are manufactured by an organisation implementing a Quality Management System ensuring continuous compliance.

To obtain an EQM in the UAE, a product must undergo a comprehensive evaluation. The quality system implemented by the manufacturer in production will also be assessed by the ESMA through testing and inspection. Consult with product certification consultants in Dubai to obtain an EQM hassle-free.

Key Requirements for UAE Product Certification  

Applicants must meet a set of requirements to clear the process of ESMA product certification in the UAE. The assistance of product certification consultants in Dubai will come in handy for you to clear the process fast. You need to meet the following standards and submit relevant documents to obtain the certificate for the product:

  • Application for ESMA product certification
  • Declaration of conformity on the applicant’s official letterhead for the product in question
  • List of components such as additives used to boost the product’s quality
  • Test report as per the mandatory UAE GSO standard
  • Validity of test report (One year report)
  • Proof of Exclusive Distributorship from the manufacturer (applicable for traders or agents)
  • Location Map of the factory and/or warehouse where the product is stored
  • Labelling Artwork as per the relevant standards

Key Requirements for Factory Audit 

Local manufacturers will be subjected to factory audits by the ESMA officials to assess the compliance status of the quality management system in use. Product certification consultants in Dubai can help you ensure all the documentations are proper to clear the facility audit fast. The following are the key requirements for the factory audit:

  • Valid trade license for local companies
  • Declaration of conformity on the applicant’s official letterhead for the product to be registered
  • Details of the quality system such as a Controlled Copy of relevant QMS/HACCP Manual
  • A concise description of the process of manufacturing
  • The factory’s vicinity map
  • Plant Equipment Layout (scaled 1:50)
  • Quality plan used to achieve compliance with specific standards
  • Labelling artworks of all products
  • Soft copy of test report issued by an accredited laboratory
  • List of all factories with address and contact information

Process of ESMA Product Certification in the UAE 

Once the application form and relevant documents are submitted, ESMA will carry out a detailed document review. Upon completion of the review and facility audit, the ESMA will issue the ECAS certificate and the EQM. The validity of the product certificate is one year and can be renewed two months before its expiry. The validity of a facility certificate is three years and can be renewed three months before its expiry. Product certification agents in Dubai can assist you in the timely renewal of the certificates.

How can Jitendra Intellectual Property Help you? 

Trading petroleum products is a profitable business in an oil-rich country like the UAE. However, clearing the process of ESMA product certification in the UAE is a common pain point for most of the manufacturers, importers and distributors of petroleum products. The complex steps of ESMA certification can be simplified by getting the assistance of product certification agents in Dubai such as Jitendra Intellectual Property (JIP).

JIP is a renowned Intellectual Property (IP) firm providing bespoke product certification services in Dubai and across the UAE. We help you with drafting the documents and assessing your product’s compliance status to expedite the process. Our consultants are well-versed in all the technical regulations and standards mandated by the ESMA. Getting ECAS certification and EQM will become a simple process if you avail our product certification services in the UAE.

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