How UAE Start-ups can Craft A Strategy for Brand Protection?

Most businesses conduct trademark registration in the UAE realising that trademarks are good for their business. However, we cannot say they are doing it by fully understanding the rationale behind registering their trademarks in the UAE. For instance, most of the SMEs or start-ups approach trademarks agents in Dubai for brand registration without having a proper trademark strategy.

Small companies often overlook the importance of having an effective trademarks strategy. The lack of proper awareness about trademark strategy is bound to create a gap in the success of businesses in the long-run, and that’s why we have decided to help you to craft an effective strategy for brand protection in the UAE.

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Why is a Trademark Strategy Essential for All Brands?

Whether you have one or multiple trademarks, it is important to devise a strategy to maintain them for better brand visibility. The brand owners will undergo a lengthy process in terms of UAE trademark registration, maintenance and renewal. Creating a clear-cut trademark strategy right from the get-go will reduce the likelihood of ambiguities in the long run.

Getting the help of trademark agents in Dubai ensures that no one else is having a free-ride on your valued trademarks in the form of infringement and counterfeiting. The following are a list of common methods to create a successful trademark strategy for businesses of all sizes:

1. Create a Strategy for Each Jurisdiction

Companies whose product portfolio is spread across several countries need to design their trademark strategy bearing in mind that their trademarks are susceptible to a global threat. Trademarks of big companies such as Google, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Apple etc. face infringement in all the countries they sell their products or services. Such companies adopt aggressive brand strategies to safeguard their billion-dollars worth trademarks wherever they have a presence.

They create a global strategy instead of developing a separate strategy for each country. Companies that sell products in other GCC countries such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar need to devise separate strategies depending on each jurisdiction. Trademark agents in Dubai can advise the brand owners on the trademark laws implemented by each of these countries, which would facilitate a better brand strategy

2. Plan Wisely to Select Trademarks

Your primary aim is to make your trademarks identifiable in the market, which is paramount to win customers’ loyalty. A strong trademark is key to make your brand more recognisable in the market. It should not be similar or identical to other UAE-registered trademarks to avoid brand confusion. Make sure your trademark is standing apart from your competitors by using fanciful and arbitrary words.

Generic or descriptive trademarks should be avoided as you may find it difficult to register with the UAE Trademark Office. Such trademarks offer less protection, and the risk of infringement is reasonably high.

3. Think About Filing Strategy

Without the right strategy in place, the process of filing a trademark registration application in the UAE would be complex. For instance,  you should know when to file for your UAE trademark registrations. The filings should be made at the earliest as many countries follow the first-to-file system, which gives protection for the brands that register trademarks first. When an issue of conflicting trademarks come, the brands that have registered the trademarks get the upper hand in terms of ownership. Brands without a registered trademark will be required to present proof of prior use to counter a conflicting trademark, which is a cumbersome task. Talk to the best trademark agents in Dubai to ensure your trademarks are filed before someone registers a conflicting trademark.

4. Effective Strategies for Faster Clearance

Trademark registration in the UAE is a lengthy process, which requires the brand owners to adopt strategies that would facilitate faster clearance. Your trademark application will be embroiled in delays if other brand owners find it in conflict with their registered trademarks. They can file for trademark opposition against your proposed trademark, which would lead to further delays.

A better strategy to avoid trademark opposition is to conduct a pre-registration trademark search. A search on the official database and other online sources before registration would give you info about the existence of identical or similar trademarks. Trademark agents in Dubai can help you by conducting the pre-registration search. Avail the best trademark search services in Dubai to ensure a smooth and faster trademark clearance.

5. Take Cost into Consideration

Finally, the cost of trademark registration in the UAE should be at the core of your branding strategy. The cost strategy is influenced by the number of trademarks you want to register and what countries you want to register the trademarks. If you want to register your trademarks in other GCC countries along with the UAE, the cost will obviously escalate.

An effective strategy is needed to avoid unnecessary spending if your trademark portfolio is rather big. With the help of trademark agents in Dubai, the brand owners can implement an efficient cost strategy for registering and renewing their trademarks. It is better to hire an IP firm that provides a one-stop solution for trademark registration services in the UAE and across the GCC.

How Can Jitendra Intellectual Property Help You?

Having an effective strategy for trademark protection will equip the brand owners with a long-term plan to deal with all kind of infringement, including counterfeiting. A strategy is essential to safeguard the trademarks, whether you have one or multiple trademarks. The help of an IP firm is critical for you to manage your diverse trademark portfolio with robust assistance for services, including trademark registration in the UAE, trademark search, and trademark litigations.

The best trademark agents in Dubai, such as Jitendra Intellectual property (JIP), would act as your most reliable partner throughout the trademark registration process. JIP would assist you with the legal advice on faster clearance strategies and dealing with future infringements. By availing our services, your trademarks remain protected not only in the UAE but across the GCC.

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