Israel Opens Embassy in UAE: A Great Impetus for Trademarks & Branding

The newly-established trade relations between Israel and the UAE witnessed a new milestone with two countries finalising on establishing embassies in the respective countries. Israel formally opened its embassy in the UAE this month, opening the door for new investors to establish their companies and secure protection for brands. Without the presence of an embassy, it was legally not possible for Israelis to register IP assets in the UAE until now.

With the opening of the embassy, Israeli investors now need to create a robust IP strategy to protect their assets through trademark registration in the UAE. Since they are new to the market, the investors must conduct in-depth research to hire the best trademark agents in Dubai who will guide them throughout the process. Read ahead to understand what the Israeli investors immediately do to secure IP protection right from the get-go:

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Create an Effective Brand Strategy

Since the signing of the historic Abraham Accords in the latter half of 2020, hundreds of business deals were signed between Israel and UAE investors. In 2021, a host of new companies from Israel are expected to formally incorporate in the UAE. However, a pertinent question lingers on: ‘Is it too early to think about branding?’

The answer is ‘Yes’ because the investors are entering into an international market which is overcrowded. Brands from almost all major economies have been enjoying a strong market presence in the UAE, which means the Israelis need to create a robust strategy to beat the competition. Getting on the track right from the start is advisable to establish a strong brand in a highly competitive market. Trademark agents in Dubai can assist the investors to easily navigate through the branding requirements.

First things First, Register the Trademarks

Once the companies are incorporated in the UAE, Israeli investors should create a detailed plan about their IP portfolio. Conducting trademark registration in the UAE is essential for establishing ownership of logos, brand name and designs. Registering trademarks with UAE Trademark Office is the best way to establish the brand’s identity in the market.

Registered trademarks are key for gaining more sales as consumers associate trademarks with quality and trust. Investors can start a business without registering their brand name or logos, but a competitor can come up with a similar mark and register the same with the Trademark Office. Existence of conflicting trademark would create brand confusion, which would lead to loss of profits. Conducting trademark registration in the UAE gives the brand owners legal rights to move against conflicting trademarks.

Know the Laws and Procedures

For a new investor landing in the UAE, getting accustomed to the laws and procedures is the toughest part. Although most of the trademark procedure remains the same across the world, there are some unique requirements that vary across jurisdictions. For example, foreigners can register the trademarks only through accredited trademark agents in the UAE. Also, only trademark agents have access to the official gazette in which the trademarks are published.

In terms of standard procedure, the brand owners need to know about the importance of filing trademarks under multiple classes in the UAE. Even though it is not mandatory, filing trademarks under relevant classes is recommended to reduce the chances of brand confusion and trademark opposition. UAE doesn’t allow multi-class trademark applications, which means the brand owners need to apply separately for each class.

Get Additional Protection to Stop Counterfeiting

Registering the trademarks in the UAE with the Trademark Office doesn’t mean the brand owners are safe from infringement from others. A well-known trademark is vulnerable to infringement from counterfeiters. One way to tackle counterfeiters is recording the trademark with the customs office in the respective emirates. For example, Dubai Customs has a dedicated department for recording registered trademarks in their system.

Only trademarks that are already registered with the UAE Trademark office can be entered into the Customs database. Once the Customs officials receive tip-off about counterfeiting, they will conduct an official raid to seize the fake goods. Israeli investors can seek the help of trademark agents in Dubai to record their trademarks with relevant Customs Authorities.

Trademark Agents in Dubai Help you Increase Brand Visibility

The IP industry is upbeat with the announcement of Israel opening its embassy in the UAE. The formal beginning of diplomatic relations makes it easier for investors to set up businesses and register their brands in the UAE. Being new to the country, the Israeli investors need the assistance of the best trademark agents in Dubai to easily meet the legal requirements of trademark registration.

Israeli investors looking for efficient trademark registration services in Dubai should look no further than Jitendra Intellectual Property (JIP). JIP has years of experience in providing trademark registration services in the UAE and other GCC countries. Our team of trademark agents are well-versed in every nuance of UAE trademark law and standard procedures. JIP works towards bringing innovation to trademark services including as trademark search, registration, market monitoring etc. By availing JIP’s trademark registration services in the UAE, brand owners can gain more brand visibility in the UAE and other GCC countries.

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