Role of Montaji in Enabling Product Registration in Dubai

Importers, manufacturers and distributors of consumer goods need to conduct product registration in Dubai before supplying their products in the emirate. The registration of consumer products is regulated by Dubai Municipality to ensure that the consumers receive products that are safe and healthy to consume. Suppliers can associate with product registration agents in Dubai to get their products registered with the Dubai Municipality.

Dubai Municipality introduced the Montaji System in 2017 to make the process of product registration more efficient and faster. Over the years, Montaji has proven to be one of the most efficient systems in place to facilitate the product registration process in the region. The following article will detail the role, responsibility and procedures of Montaji in enabling the process of product registration in Dubai:

What is Dubai Montaji?

Dubai Montaji is a system developed by Dubai Municipality to help importers, manufacturers and distributors to register their products. Montaji provides a centralised database, which connects both vendors and consumers. Montaji has modernised the process of product certification through online review and delivery of certificates. Montaji automatically creates a comprehensive database of consumer products using cutting edge technology such as the blockchain.

Responsibility of Montaji

Montaji offers an efficient electronic platform for importers, distributors and local manufacturers to get their consumer products certified. The Montaji mainly provides four services to suppliers. They are:

  1. Request for consumer products registration
  2. Request for consumer products import and re-export
  3. Request for Free Sale Certificate of consumer products
  4. Request for NOC for consumer products advertisement

Types of Products that can be Registered with Montaji

Montaji system reviews the products to see if they comply with the standards set out by the Dubai Municipality. The following types of products must be registered with the Dubai Montaji system before placing them in the local marketplace:

  • Cosmetic products
  • Personal care products
  • Perfumes & fragrances
  • Health supplements
  • Detergents & biocides

Montaji Smartphone Application

Along with the Montaji platform, Dubai Municipality has also launched a smartphone application as well. The Montaji mobile application connects consumers and suppliers by enabling them to check if a consumer product type is registered with Dubai Municipality. If a product in question is not registered, consumers can immediately report it to the Dubai Municipality through the Montaji app.

The Montaji app users can even share the exact location of the product, which helps the Dubai Municipality officials to conduct inspections. Retail outlet owners use the Montaji app to quickly verify whether the products are registered or not.

Why Did Dubai Municipality Launch Montaji?

Counterfeit products pose a severe threat to the safety of consumers as well as the brand image of legitimate businesses. In 2017, Dubai authorities seized and removed over 26 million fake goods, worth three hundred million dollars. Among them, cosmetics, perfumes, and health supplements were the most commonly sold counterfeit products. It indicates the overwhelming volume of trade and product variety coming from all over the world to Dubai.

Dubai Municipality authorities were unable to handle such a huge volume of products and certify each of them as per the highest safety standards. The employees at Dubai Municipality could not verify whether each product is safe for public consumption. The existing system of product registration in Dubai was complicated and time-consuming. Suppliers were disappointed that the application process for products often took six to nine months to complete. The Montaji system was introduced to wedge this gap.

How Does the Montaji Product Registration System Work?

The Montaji system has improved the efficiency of the process of product registration in Dubai and enhanced the speed of certification. The Montaji is a highly advanced system, which works in the following way:

  1. Creation of a company account
  2. Fill out an online application form starting with the core product’s information
  3. The system automatically displays the service for which applicants can apply
  4. Attach the required documents. Customers can list all products in one application
  5. Pay the service fees
  6. Review  of certificates and product assessment
  7. Receive certificate  review and product assessment results
  8. Approval of the application, registration of product and issuance of product registration certificate

Why Should You Register Products with Montaji?

Suppliers of consumer products must register their products with the Dubai Montaji. Importers, manufacturers and distributors can apply for Montaji product registration in Dubai. Unregistered products will be considered fake goods and will be rejected during shipment. Product registration agents in Dubai can help the suppliers with the process.

Hire the Best Product Registration Agents in Dubai, UAE

Performing Dubai Montaji product registration is mandatory for businesses to place their products in the local marketplace. Product registration agents in Dubai such as Jitendra Intellectual Property (JIP) can help the importers, manufacturers and distributors to simplify the process. JIP can help with document drafting and other allied processes to obtain the registration certificate quickly.

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