The Key Fundamentals of Patent Drafting for UAE Inventors

Drafting patent applications is a huge challenge for inventors while going for patent registration in the UAE. Patent drafting is vital for inventors to protect their inventions and ideas. We can, without a doubt, say that patent drafting is the first step in protecting an invention. However, most inventors lack the necessary skills to execute patent drafts as it demands knowledge of both technical and legal aspects. This is where patent agents can come to the rescue of inventors.

In this article, we discuss what a patent draft is, why it is important, and how can inventors execute it properly. Read ahead.

What’s a Patent Draft?

Patent drafting, a term used by IP attorneys, simply refers to the process of writing patent applications. Patent applications describe what the Invention in question is. A patent application determines the Invention’s patentability, and it makes the patent draft critical for the inventors. The patent application often includes the background, summary, a detailed description and drawing, claims and abstract.

The Typical Parts of a Patent Application Draft

Title of the Invention

The patent agents in Dubai will first include the title of the Invention on the patent draft. As per the patent standards, the title of an invention should mirror the main art of the Invention. The title should be precise, meaningful, and the inventors should try to limit the title to 15 words.

Field of Invention

The technical field refers to the scope of the inventions and the subject matter it is related to. The field should be clear and concise so that the patent examiner understand the nature of the Invention. A clearly mentioned technical field will enable the Patent Examiner to accurately classify the technology.

Background of the Invention

The background of the Invention describes the context of the Invention. An ideal background section will be short and sets the stage for the technical disclosure to be stated in the ‘detailed description’ section. The background section in a patent draft describes what others have done in the field, and the problems left unsolved in the prior work. Patents agents in Dubai advise the inventors not to reveal too much about the status of the closest technology, experiments, and patent applications in the Background section.

The objective of the Invention

The objective of the Invention describes the solution to mitigate the problems identified in the prior art. This section should clearly state each and every objective and advantage of the Invention. The statement of the objective of the Invention provides the examiner with a chance to compare and analyse the advantages the current technology have over the current one.

Statement of Invention

As per the legislation governing patent registration in the UAE, a patent will be granted to inventions that can demonstrate novelty. The statement of invention section describes the actual novel features of the Invention. The statement of inventions should clearly describe the inventive nature of the Invention over the existing one. The statement of invention section is crucial in demonstrating the inventiveness of the Invention and also corresponds to the claims later.

Summary of Invention

Summary of the Invention generally offers details the purpose of the Invention, problems resolved, advantages offered etc. The summary is a broad overview of the Invention that offers a structure for grasping the Detailed Description and Claims section.

Brief Description of Drawings

The brief description of the Invention includes a written description of the Invention that explains how to make and use it. It should point to the reference numerals used in the drawings and should be specific. The details should be sufficient enough for a skilled person to understand and perform the Invention.

Detailed Description of the Invention

A detailed description states what the Invention is, its use and the process that went into its production. This section also describes examples demonstrating how the Invention works. It should provide an overall picture of the Invention and should enable a skilled person to perform the Invention by developing adequate technical know-how.


A patent claim is the most important part of the patent draft as it defines the boundary of an invention to be patented. A patent draft defines what is claimed by the Invention and what is sought to be protected. The claim clearly sets out what the patent covers and what it doesn’t cover. A patent claim is usually written in the form of a statement defining the scope of the invention. A claim is usually expressed in legal terms.

Abstract of the Invention

A patent abstract is a concise summary of the Invention, usually placed after the Claims section in a patent application. The abstract doesn’t reveal all the details of the Invention but offers a concise statement of the Invention.

Consult with Patent Drafting Agents in Dubai

Patent applications are drafted with the assistance of patent agents in Dubai. The patent agents possess the technical and legal background, patent expertise, and specialisation in patent law and experience. A patent draft is the most important document that determines the granting of a patent, and therefore, inventors should hire the best patent drafting agents in Dubai, such as Jitendra Intellectual Property (JIP). JIP’s patent drafting team is composed of highly qualified patent registration agents who can produce high-quality patent drafts for the inventors.

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