Top Patent Registration FAQs Every UAE Inventors Must Know

Every great invention is the result of a great deal of hard work, brainstorming, trials & errors. However, the hard work may go futile if someone else replicates the method or process and use it for commercial gains. This makes it essential for every investor to perform patent registration in the UAE to safeguard their inventions from Intellectual Property (IP) violations.

Yet, many inventors find the UAE patent registration process and requirements complex and burdensome. This is why we have prepared a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions ( FAQ) related to the process of patent registration in the UAE. Read ahead:

What is a Patent? 

A patent is a type of Intellectual Property (IP) that grants exclusive rights to an invention. The invention can be a product, a process that offers an innovative method of doing something or provides an innovative solution to an already existing problem.

What Kinds Of Rights I Will Get From a Patent? 

The owner of a patent gets the exclusive right to decide who can and who cannot use the patented invention. The patent owner’s consent is mandatory for anyone to commercially produce, use, import or sell the patented invention.

What is the Governing Patent Legislation In The UAE

Patents are protected in the UAE under Federal Law Number 17 of 2002 (as amended by Federal Law Number 31 of 2006). For more details on the legislation for patent registration in the UAE, contact our patent registration agents in the UAE.

What Are The Criteria For Patent Grant In The UAE? 

A patent will be granted in the UAE if the invention is novel, involves an inventive step and has the potential for industrial application.

Can Patent Registration In The UAE Protect Your Invention Across GCC? 

No. By filing a patent in the UAE, you can protect your invention in the seven emirates.

What Inventions Are Not Patentable In The UAE? 

There are many inventions that cannot be used as a patent, below are some of the examples:

  1. a discovery, scientific theory or mathematical method,
  2. an aesthetic creation,
  3. a scheme, rule or method for performing a mental act, playing a game or doing business, or a computer program,
  4. a presentation of information,
  5. a procedure for surgical or therapeutic treatment, or diagnosis, to be practised on humans or animals.

Can I Get Protection for Utility Models Under The UAE Law? 

Yes. The UAE grants protection for utility models, and the validity of the protection lasts for ten years, counting from the date of application.

What Are The Requirements For Filing A Patent Application In The UAE? 

  • A legalised power of attorney
  • A legalised extract from the Commercial Register or the Memorandum of Association case an applicant is a legal person
  • A copy of specifications written in English & its Arabic translation
  • A set of drawings related to the invention
  • An abstract of the invention
  • A duly legalized deed of assignment signed by the inventor, in case the applicant is not the inventor
  • A certified copy of the application that shows the filing date, number and country

What Is The Term For A Patent Registered In The UAE? 

A patent granted to innovation is valid for 20 years from the UAE filing date. The term of the patent grant is non-extendable.

Will My Patent Application Get Rejected? 

Yes. A patent application can be rejected under the circumstances such as lack of novelty, obviousness, non-compliance with standard procedures & requirements, lack of industrial applicability, non-patentable inventions etc.

Can I Register My Patents Internationally? 

Yes. You can carry out international patent registration under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) system administered by the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO). The PCT system has more than 150 member countries, and the UAE inventors can register their patents in all those countries in a single filing. Patent registration agents in the UAE can help you with the practical considerations of the PCT filing system.

How Can I Get Information on Registered Patents In The UAE? 

Even though the UAE has a patent office, the inventors need to get external assistance to obtain information on patent records. The patent team of Jitendra Intellectual Property (JIP) can help you with patent searches.

What’s The Role Of Patent Agents In The UAE?

Foreign inventors need to submit their patent applications through patent agents in the UAE. Patent agents such as Jitendra Intellectual Property ( JIP) can help the inventors with patent drafting, notarization, application filing, patent search etc. Consulting with JIP will help you assess the patentability of the invention as well.

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