Things to Consider While Developing a Trademark Strategy for Your Gaming Brand

A multi-billion dollar industry, such as e-gaming, is making astonishing strides in the Middle East market. A recent survey by Frost & Sullivan states that the gaming market in the Middle East is worth USD 4.5 billion with over 100 million active gamers. The UAE has emerged as a strong contender to reap the benefits of the gaming market as the country’s gamers spend an average of 30 minutes per day on mobile games. The strong market potential means game developing companies need to protect their IP assets through trademark registration in the UAE.

Until now, the IP strategy for gaming brands was mostly focused on patents and copyrights. However, more game developers are entering the Middle East market, boosting the need for enhanced brand protection in the UAE. Abu Dhabi’s twofour54 free zone, TECOM Group’s Dubai X-Stadium, and Arcade by Hub Zero (both in Dubai) have set the stage for a brand war between gaming giants.

The need of the hour is to develop a robust trademark strategy with the help of registered trademark agents in Dubai, UAE. The key aspects that should form the core of the branding strategy are being discussed in the article. Read ahead.

Get Trademark Protection for Game Title

A video game’s title is often regarded as one of the most important assets that a game development company possesses. Players across the world download or purchase e-games based on the title of the games. Game developers should consider protecting the name through trademark registration in the UAE at an early stage before actively marketing the game. A well-planned trademark strategy for the game’s title could save the developers a lot of money before they launch the game on the market.

Some of the popular online game titles extensively played by the UAE people are PUBG, Fortnite Battle Royale, ‘Counter Strike’, FIFA 18 etc. The title should be distinctive and strong to qualify for registration and also to enjoy protection. Generic and descriptive names won’t qualify for trademark registration in the UAE. For instance, ‘Kick the Ball’ is a weak trademark for a football game as it directly describes a prominent feature of the game. DOTA is a popular video with a strong name as the title is fanciful, and it keeps the consumers guessing about the nature of the game.

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Come up with a Good Strategy for the Logo

The logo, in most cases, is associated with the company name of the game developer. If a new game is launched in the market, the company name and logo will play a prominent role in its success. A new game gets more attention from consumers if it bears the logo of a famous game development company. Failing to safeguard the logo through trademark registration in the UAE, therefore, adversely impacted the game’s success.

Trademarking a logo is a one-investment unless the company decides to change it due to specific reasons (mergers, acquisitions, change of name etc.). The logo must be visually distinct as it is the most important way of identifying the company. The logo can be an image, a design element (like an animal or a symbol), graphics or stylized text. The logo should not be identical or similar to other existing trademarks as it would create brand confusion and infringes the other party’s IP rights. Logos of Minecraft, Atari, PlayStation, Nintendo, Xbox, Assassin’s Creed are some of the popular logos that are famous across the world. Consult with the best trademark agents in Dubai to come up with a robust strategy for logo registration.

Protect Game Characters through Trademark Registration

The gaming industry is a mix of technology, entertainment, commerce and art. Due to this unique feature, products in the e-gaming industry are linked to multiple trademarks. Apart from the goods and services, game developers can trademark the names and other unique aspects of the characters appearing in a game. Characters like Lara Croft, Nathan Drake, and Big Daddy has a fan base all around the world including in the UAE. Game developers often trademark the names of the characters depending on the governing legislation in respective jurisdictions. Accredited trademark agents in Dubai can provide great insights into the process.

The Right Trademark Class of Gaming Products

Game developers can file their gaming under trademarks under the broad category of class 28, which is for gaming and sporting goods. A trademark for video gaming apparatus such as arcade video game machines, controllers for game consoles, portable games with liquid crystal displays, video game machines comes under class 28. Class 41 is another category where trademarks for online or social network games can be registered.

Class 41 broadly covers trademarks for education, training, and sports and entertainment services. The class also includes game services provided online from a computer network and games equipment rental, which makes it right for registering e-gaming trademarks in the UAE. A separate application has to be filed for registering trademarks in multiple classes as the UAE doesn’t allow multi-class filing.

Be On Top of your Brand Game with Jitendra Intellectual Property

In the ever-evolving gaming industry, a product is linked to multiple trademarks. The product will be not only identified by the trademarks of the developer and distributor but also through the trademarks of the game’s title. In this respect, the key people involved in the gaming industry need to develop a strong strategy to protect multiple assets through trademark registration in the UAE.

Registering the trademarks in the UAE helps consumers identify the game’s corporate origins as well as distinguish it from competitors. Foreign game development companies can register their trademarks in the UAE through trademark agents only. In terms of experience and legal know-how, Jitendra Intellectual Property (JIP) is considered the best trademark agents in Dubai, UAE providing reliable brand registration services. JIP’s cost-effective trademark registration services in Dubai enables the gaming companies to stand out among their competitors to achieve astonishing business success.

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