Why Registering a Trademark in the UAE is Crucial for IT Companies?

The Tech companies across the world have gained a new significance and demand owing to the spread of COVID-19 pandemic. The new surge in demand emerged as all businesses are now faced with the urgent need to digitize their operation in the midst of economic uncertainty. The UAE has asserted that a digitally-driven recovery has been envisioned for the businesses operating in the country. In tandem with this surge in importance in the market, the tech startups and big IT companies should check how much protected their trademarks are. Let’s analyze why registration of the trademark in the UAE is paramount to the tech companies in the midst of looming economic uncertainty.

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Why Trademark Registration in Dubai is Important for IT Companies?

a) The Influx of Products and Services in the Tech Industry

Unlike companies in every other sector, tech companies come up with new products and services regularly. The tech is evolving at a faster pace and so are the products and services they offer. For example, consider the case of Google; the tech giant comes up with new versions of Android on a regular basis such as Android KitKat, Android Pie, etc. The faster pace in which the companies churn out their products and services calls for increased necessity for trademark registration in Dubai. To have a trademark registered, the business owners need to have the professional assistance of the best trademark agents in Dubai.

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b) Trademark Registration in the UAE Keeps Out Copy Cats

The UAE’s digital landscape is evolving more than ever due to high digital penetration and an internet-savvy millennial population. On the back of the availability of high-quality internet, the population in the UAE is spending more time on the mobile. There are plenty of apps catering to the needs of this tech-savvy population, especially the gaming and e-commerce apps. With the outbreak of COVID-19, apps related to telemedicine, essential supply delivery, e-learning, and remote working is on the rise in the country. This situation has led to the rise of copycats who clone the apps for profits. Sometimes the clone may surpass the original in terms of active downloads. In cases like this, trademark registration in Dubai will equip the tech companies with the power to sue the trademark infringers.

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c) Trademark Registration in the UAE Helps Build Good Brand Image

In an era, where a large number of tech companies are coming up taking advantage of the favourable business setup environment, it is important for the tech entrepreneurs to carefully carve out a brand image to advance their business goals. In the Post COVID-19 era, the competition is likely to increase manifold as digital transformation is going to cover almost all the industries in Dubai. To stand out and make a profit, companies need to invest in successful brand strategies. A brand image is important for companies to gain the loyalty of their customers. The process of trademark registration in the UAE is the primary weapon with which the brand owners can successfully beat out the competitors. Consult the best trademark agents in Dubai to formally register the trademarks.

d) Enjoy Exclusive Legal Rights over Tech Products with Trademark Registration in the UAE

By registering the trademarks of products or services, the tech entrepreneurs get the benefit of having exclusive rights for marketing their products in the UAE. For example, an EdTech company that provides the e-learning services for schools can successfully market their products in the UAE under its name by executing the process of trademark registration in the UAE.

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Things to Consider before creating a brand or registering a Trademark in the UAE

  1. Brand owners should consider filing for trademarks that are unique, arbitrary and fanciful
  2. The trademarks should be filed under multiple classes of products and services as per NICE classification system
  3. Avoid trademarks that are descriptive and violating public order
  4. Avoid geographic names while filing for trademark registration in the UAE
  5. Registered trademarks get protection for only 10 years and brand owners should renew trademark registration in the UAE on time

Why Choose Jitendra Intellectual Property?

Tech companies may find the process of trademark registration tough because they have to invest in branding of every new product or service that may have a big impact on the market. However, trademark agents in Dubai, UAE recommend tech entrepreneurs to give due consideration for securing protection for the Intellectual Property (IP) assets through trademark registration. The increased competition may give undue advantage for the copycats which may lead to a big dent in profits and create a bad image for the brand.

The tech companies should consult the best IP service companies in Dubai, UAE before being hit by trademark infringement. Jitendra Intellectual Property (JIP) is a full-services IP service firm in Dubai with years of experience in helping the business owners establish their brand name in the UAE through trademark registration.  JIP provides services including trademark search, IP watch, copyright registration, and trademark renewal. JIP is committed to ensuring that the trademarks of the clients remain protected in the UAE as well as other GCC countries.

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