How to Avoid Rejection While Registering Consumer Products in Dubai?

Apart from being a global business hub, Dubai is also known for its highly efficient safety and security standards that attract foreigners to live and conduct business in the emirate. Consumers buy products without fear because they put immense faith in the safety standards set out by the government through the system of product registration in Dubai. Importers, distributors and manufacturers of consumer products are required to comply with the procedures listed by Dubai Municipality to successfully register their products in Dubai.

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Businesses need to be careful while applying for product registration with Dubai Municipality as the authority may reject the application due to a number of specific reasons. Many businessmen encounter rejection while trying to navigate the registration process without any expert assistance. It is highly advisable to avail consultation on product registration services in Dubai to avoid the risk of rejection. Here are some rules of thumbs that will help the businesses to avoid rejection while registering their products with Dubai Municipality:

1. Maintain Accuracy While Submitting Application

A properly filled application form needs to be submitted to the Dubai Municipality as the first step in the entire product registration process. The application needs to be submitted online through a dedicated system for registration called Dubai Montaji. Study the requirements properly and submit the application accordingly along with the required documents. Product registration consultants in Dubai will assist the businesses in navigating the application process without any error.

2. Product Label Needs to Have Sufficient Information

Supplying valid information about the product and its ingredients is mandatory as per the Dubai Municipality standards. Label information is crucial as it informs the consumers about the source of origin and the substance contained in the product. In case of any damage from side-effects, the label information comes handy for the consumers while taking legal action against the manufacturer. Dubai Municipality conducts a detailed label assessment to determine whether all the required information is provided.

3. Label Information Should Be Legible

Apart from providing adequate information, the applicants should ensure that the supplied information is legible. The label information on the package of the product should not be covered by pictures or designs. If the package contains any printed or graphic matter, it should be on the contrasting ground of the label information. The intention behind these mandatory requirements is that the customers should be able to read the information under any circumstances of normal usage. Consult with the best product registration consultants in Dubai to have reliable information on the mandatory requirements.

4. Ensure the Product is Not in Banned List

Conducting product registration in Dubai requires the importers or distributors to have strong background knowledge about the UAE laws. The applicants need to be aware of the products that are banned or tagged with a restrictive status. Trying to register such products will face outright rejection. The following products are banned in the UAE:

  1. Narcotic Drugs
  2. Betel Leaves
  3. E-Cigarettes
  4. Gambling-related products

Meanwhile, alcoholic beverages, rough diamonds, media-related products and products related to nuclear energy are tagged with restrictive status. It is advisable to seek advice from product registration agents in Dubai if the products belong to the restrictive status.

5. Avoid Duplication of Application

A common instance of rejection comes when Dubai Municipality finds duplication of the product registration application. It happens when an identical application exists with another name or account. The duplication of application can be avoided with the help of product registration consultants in Dubai as they ensure that the product is not registered already with the Municipality.

6. Do Not Use Religious Signs on Packages

Applications for registering products in Dubai will be rejected if the product package contains religious signs or obscene images. The basis of this rejection is that Dubai Municipality won’t allow any products that violate any of the Federal Laws.

7. Read the Regulations for Foreign Language Use

Arabic is the official language for verifying the label information on the label, which means that all the mandatory information should be written in Arabic. The labelling on the package should be in Arabic and/ or English. Use of languages other than English or Arabic may be considered as strong grounds for rejection. If any other foreign language is used, it should only be a translation of the information already given in Arabic / English. Product registration consultants can help the applicants in conducting product registration in Dubai without any chances of rejection.

Consult with the Best Product Registration Consultants in Dubai

Consumer product registration in Dubai is a mandatory process every importers and distributor are required to undertake. Even though the steps of registering a product with Dubai Municipality may appear to be easy on paper, risk of rejection may hamper the endeavour. That is why the businesses require the assistance of best product registration consultant firms in Dubai, such as Jitendra Intellectual Property (JIP) to successfully register the products. JIP is an Intellectual Property firm that provides product registration services in Dubai as well. By availing JIP’s assistance, the businesses can easily register their products with Dubai Municipality without any hassle.


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