How to Renew Trademark Registration in the UAE?

Entrepreneurs with a new product, service, or existing business could succeed in a highly competitive market like the UAE only if they learn how to market and protect their brand. The success of a brand strategy depends upon the critical process of trademark registration in the UAE and its timely renewal and overlooking the importance of trademarks impacts the growth of any business. Failing to perform trademark renewal in the UAE on time will make the brands vulnerable to infringements.

Further, due to the economic uncertainty precipitated by the COVID-19 pandemic has become critical for the brands to enhance the branding strategy. Trademark registration and timely renewal have become more important than ever as survival is the key during challenging economic times. Let’s discuss in detail the processes of trademark registration and renewal in the UAE and how it affects the success of brands.

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When to File an Application for the Renewal of Registered Trademark in the UAE?

The registered trademarks in the UAE enjoy protection for a time span of 10 years. The brand owners can renew their trademark registration in the UAE every 10 years if they apply for the process. The application of the renewal of trademark registration in the UAE should be filed within the last year of the protection period. The brand owners can consult the reputed trademark agents in the UAE for filing a trademark renewal application with the Trademark Office.

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Considerations for Trademark Classes for Renewing Trademark Registration in the UAE

While filing for trademark registration in the UAE, the brand owners are advised to trademark their products and services under multiple classes as per the NICE Classification. The NICE Classification has categorized the trademarks into 45 classes of products and services. While renewing the trademark registration UAE, the brand owners are required to file the trademark under multiple classes. Since the UAE doesn’t apply for multi-class trademark registration, filing for each class should be done separately. The best trademark agents in the UAE assist the brand owners in all the paperwork related to file the trademarks under multiple classes while applying for renewal in the UAE.

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Is Changing of the Trademark Agents in the UAE Allowed?

The brand owners perform trademark registration in UAE through registered trademark agents. However, the trademark agent who filed the trademark registration may not be available during the renewal for various reasons. If the brand owners are hiring a new trademark agent for renewal, then they are required to file for a change of trademark agent as per the regulations in the UAE. Consult the best Intellectual property services in Dubai, UAE for all the processes related to trademark renewal including recording the change of trademarks agent.

How to Renew the Trademark Registration in Dubai, UAE?

The brand owners should ensure that they have successfully completed the processes mentioned above such as filing of trademarks under different classes and recordal of change of trademark agents in Dubai. After those steps, a formal application for trademark renewal needs to be filed with the UAE Trademark Office. The official fee for trademark renewal and the publication fee should be submitted along with the application for renewing the trademark registration in Dubai.

Assessment of Trademark Renewal Application by the Trademark Office

After receiving the application for trademark renewal in the UAE, the Trademark Office will review the application. If the application is found to be filed adhering to the rules and regulations, then the office will formally approve the renewal. The details of the renewal of trademark registration in Dubai, UAE will be published in the official gazette as well as two Arabic newspapers.

Can a Third Party Oppose the Trademark Renewal in the UAE?

The Trademark Office published the trademark registration in the official gazette and tow Arabic newspaper. Within the 30-days period, any interested parties can oppose the registration if it is found to violate the rights of any third-party right holders. However, in the case of trademark renewal in the UAE, though the same process of publication is repeated, the opposition process is not applicable. The publication, in this case, is only for informative purpose and other parties are not allowed to oppose the trademark renewal in the UAE as per regulations.

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What is the Validity of Renewed Trademark in the UAE?

There are 30 days waiting period after the news about trademark renewal is published. When this period ends, the Trade Mark Office will issue a renewal certificate which is proof that the renewal of trademark registration has been approved. The trademark renewal in UAE is valid for another 10 years starting from the day the previous protection period of the trademark expired.

Penalties for Late Renewal of Trademark Registration in Dubai, UAE

A right holder can renew the trademark registration after the expiry of the protection period of the registered trademark. There is a grace period of 3 months after the expiry of the protection period during which an application for renewal can be filed. Filing the trademark renewal application after the grace period is subject to a late penalty fee. Hiring the best Intellectual property services in Dubai helps the brand owners avoid the late penalty fee.

What Happens to the Trademarks, if Not Renewed?

The trademark will lapse if it is not renewed within the grace period of 3 months. The UAE Ministry of Economy will remove the trademark from the register on its own motion. No other parties can file for the same trademark within 3 years of the lapse of the registration. In this period, only the brand owner who lost the registration can re-apply for the registration. However, after 3 years from the expiry date, the other parties can file for the trademark.

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How Much Does it Cost for Renewing a Trademark Registration in the UAE?

The trademark registration and renewal cost in UAE have been one of the most expensive in the world. However, due to the economic uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the UAE Ministry of Economy has considerably reduced the costs to support the brand owners. Earlier, the brand owners were required to pay an official renewal fee of AED 8700 but it has now been slashed to AED 6500.

How Jitendra Intellectual Property Can Help in Renewing Trademark Registration in the UAE?

Renewing the trademark registration in Dubai, UAE is a critical necessity for increasing brand visibility and value. Failing to renew trademark registration would hurt the brand identity of the business thereby increasing the possibility of potential infringements. However, the brand owners often overlook the importance of renewal leading to the loss of protection. Consulting the best Intellectual Property Services in Dubai, UAE helps the right holders renew their trademarks on time thereby enhancing the protection. For registering and renewing a trademark in UAE, the services of a trademark agent are mandatory and this is where a full-fledged Intellectual Property Service firm like Jitendra Intellectual Property (JIP) comes handy for the brand owners. JIP has a team of highly qualified trademark agents who are well-versed in the IP laws and regulations. JIP offers services including

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JIP’s trademark agents handle all the paperwork with efficiency and zero chances of error therefore the renewal process takes place without any delay. Being a reputed Intellectual Property Service in Dubai, UAE JIP is committed to ensuring that the trademarks of the clients remain protected across the GCC.

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