Foolproof Trademark Registration Checklist for UAE Healthcare Brands

The UAE scores better than a number of nations when it comes to providing innovative healthcare solutions to citizens and residents. Mandatory health insurance for all, a small yet wealthy population, and the incidence of lifestyle diseases are some of the major reasons why the major hospital brands find the UAE a profitable business destination. However, the high competition in the sector prompts the healthcare brands to implement effective branding strategies such as registering trademarks in the UAE.

To build a strong healthcare brand in the UAE, we suggest the following tips for you:

1. Build a Strong Brand Name

Healthcare industry is not the same as it used to be; the investments are high, so is the competition. In a market that is populated with globally known healthcare operators, what patients seek is a well-known brand name that they can rely on. Unlike any other business, trust is critical in the healthcare sector as the patient’s health and life are at stake here. A strong brand name speaks directly to the consumers, and they will perceive a trustworthy brand as less risky. Select a unique brand name which is not generic and descriptive and protect it by conducting trademark registration in the UAE.

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2. Create a Unique Logo for the Brand

Just like the brand name, a logo also resonates well with the patients and serves as a source identifier. The consumers will associate the logo with the quality of service provided by the hospital or pharmaceutical company. The logo helps them distinguish the brand from other companies or hospitals that offer similar services or products. It is legally possible for the brands to register logos in the UAE as envisaged in the Trademark Law. If you are a foreign healthcare brand, it is mandatory to register the trademarks through accredited trademark agents in Dubai, UAE.

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3. Build a Safety Shield for Registered Marks

Healthcare brands invest millions to build a unique brand name and value in the market to beat out the competition. The UAE’s healthcare market is reasonably overcrowded, which means the brand’s security is always at peril. Competitors can come up with a similar trademark to create brand confusion among your customers. Conducting trademark registration in the UAE is only the first step to ensure brand protection. You need to vigilantly monitor the market to see if new trademarks are infringing your registered marks. Trademark agents in Dubai provide effective trademark watch services to keep you on alert about the infringing marks.

4. Give Value to Competitor’s Marks

Before applying for new trademark registration in the UAE, you should need to ensure that someone else is not using a distinctive brand name similar to the one you want to use. If you are about to register a trademark that is similar to a registered trademark, that party can stop you from using or registering the trademark with the UAE Trademark Office.

For example, you have developed a brand name “ABC Sheltering Arms” for your clinic, but there exists another registered trademark “ABC Healthcare”. The other party can perceive it as an attempt on infringement and raise a trademark opposition claim. This situation can be averted by availing trademark search services in Dubai where the trademark agents will search the official database for similar trademarks and alert you on the same.

5. Register Trademarks in Appropriate Class

To apply for trademark registration in the UAE, you must first identify which trademark classes your goods and services belong to. Filing the trademarks in appropriate classes is vital to avoid brand confusion. Also filing in multiple trademark classes is also critical in preventing trademark infringement. The best trademark agents in Dubai can give you a detailed insight into selecting the appropriate classes for trademark registration.

Protect your Brand’s Health with Trademark Agents in Dubai

The modern-day healthcare market is highly competitive due to the increased number of hospitals, pharmaceutical companies etc. Most of the healthcare players invest heavily in advertising and enhancing professional support services but forget about brand building. Furthermore, healthcare businesses also confuse brand building with marketing and ignore the importance of trademark registration in the UAE. Since trademarks are effective in gaining the trust of consumers, the businesses should register their brands with the help of trademark agents in Dubai.

If you are searching for the best trademark registration services in Dubai, then look no further than Jitendra Intellectual Property (JIP). JIP has years of experience in providing trademark registration services in the UAE and other GCC countries. Our team of trademark agents possesses a rich diversity of experience in trademark law and procedures. We strive towards bringing innovation to our trademark services such as trademark search, registration, market monitoring etc. We take pride in ensuring IP protection of more than a thousand brands which include big international entities as well as small to medium-sized enterprises.

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